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Spotlight on LONE RIDER by B.J. Daniels

LONE RIDER – B.J.  Daniels
The Montana Hamiltons, Book2
ISBN: 978-0-373-78841-5
August 2015
Romantic Suspense

Big Timber, Montana – Present Day

Cowboy Jace Calder is asked by his sister, Emily, to search for her boss, Bo Hamilton, after she fails to return from a camping trip into the Crazy Mountains. Jace learns from his sister that it was recently discovered there was money missing from the nonprofit foundation run by Bo. Is Bo really missing, or did she run off to avoid prosecution for possible embezzlement? Jace is not sure of the answer, but one thing he knows is that for his sister’s sake he’ll head up into the mountains to see if he can find Bo. But how will Bo react when they come face-to-face, considering their high school romance ended badly? But once Jace gets deep into the mountains, he fears that Bo may have met a fate worse than death.

Bo went on the trip into the mountains to clear her head so she could be ready to face the auditor who is investigating the foundation bank records. She didn’t steal the money, but she knows as its director she’d be eyed as the main suspect. Just as she is making her way back down the mountain, she comes into contact with a dangerous man on the run after a prison break. He overpowers her and handcuffs her, dragging her behind him as he goes deeper into the mountains to hole up where no one can find him…or the woman he plans to make his: Bo.

Bo is scared to death and doesn’t know if she will make it out alive, but she’ll do anything to stay alive…for now… in the suspenseful LONE RIDER. Bo was raised as one of the spoiled Hamilton girls, the daughters of the rich and powerful Senator Buckmaster Hamilton, who has recently announced his run for the United States presidency. The family has only recently gotten over the shock of what happened to Bo’s sister Olivia (her story is told in WILD HORSES, out now) and the news that the girls long lost (and thought dead) mother, Sarah, has arrived back in town. Another scandal involving the family could cripple Buckmaster’s election plans, but his main concern right now is for Bo’s safety. After Jace contacts him with the news that Bo is missing, the older man agrees to let him head up in the mountains first to find her. What neither realize—yet—is that she has been kidnapped by a dangerous man.

In LONE RIDER, there are other story arcs going on. Sarah Hamilton’s return from the dead has everyone buzzing, especially since she can’t remember where she’s been for the last twenty years. She’s safely in the hands of a good friend, Russell, who hopes they can be more than friends. But do Sarah and Buckmaster still have feelings for one another, despite the fact that he’s married to Angelina? Will the puzzling scandal revolving around Sarah hurt his political chances? Jace’s sister, Emily, is a single mother and has only recently gotten out of jail and needs the foundation job to support herself. Emily meets a local man and the two hit it off. But shouldn’t she get her act together before she can think about a future with any man? And what about the stranger who has been spotted watching her?

LONE RIDER is a tale that will have you gripping the edge of your seat. An escaped con is a desperate man who vows to not be taken alive, even if that means taking Bo down with him. The danger Bo encounters is harsh and brutal, with threats of rape to have her even more scared. Jace is the last man she expects to rescue her, but he knows the mountains and he may be her only chance. Once Jace rescues Bo, do they have a chance to rekindle their long ago romance? Let’s just say that the thrilling action in LONE RIDER also includes a romantic reunion.

Another terrific tale of suspense and action packed adventure to thrill readers, I highly recommend LONE RIDER as the perfect choice for those days you want a great book to read.

Patti Fischer

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