Friday, July 10, 2015

Promo Spotlight on....THE MAVERICK’S ACCIDENTAL BRIDE by Christine Rimmer

Montana Mavericks: What happened at the Wedding? Book 1

Harlequin Special Edition #2413 
July 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Rust Creek Falls, Montana, the Present

Jordyn Leigh Cates and Will Clifton have known each other since they were children. Their families are friends, and Will thought of Jordyn Leigh as a little sister. Jordyn Leigh left Thunder Canyon a couple of years ago when she moved to Rust Creek Falls. Will recently bought a ranch in the area, and he and Jordyn Leigh meet again at the July Fourth wedding in the park of mutual friends. They are glad to see each other again…Will can’t believe how the little friend he used to look after has grown up to be a beautiful woman.

The wedding reception goes on all day and far into the evening with dancing and visiting. Though the two old friends only indulge in mild punch, things get a little fuzzier the later it gets until they wake up at noon the next day. And Jordyn Leigh is in bed with Will! Neither one can recall how they got there, nor what happened. Did they do it or did they not? Jordyn had very romantic feelings about meeting the right man, and she had been saving her virginity for whomever it turned out to be. To add to the mystery, Will finds a marriage license with their signatures next to the bed. What are they to do? Especially when the news is already all over town. They make a plan, but is it a good one?

Will Clifton is a sweetheart! A manly man, but still kind and sensitive…and good looking to boot. Jordyn Leigh is a sweet and caring woman who works in a day care center while studying for a degree in child development on line. What happened to them at the wedding, and what will they do about this “marriage”?

Beware; reading THE MAVERICK’S ACCIDENTAL BRIDE, while very enjoyable, will want you to read the next books in this continuity series, and maybe other Montana Mavericks series, as well, in case you haven’t already.

Jane Bowers

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