Monday, July 13, 2015

Promo Spotlight: THE COWBOY'S SEAL's TRIPLETS by Tina Leonard

Bridesmaids Creek, Book 4 of 4
Harlequin American Romance #1553
July 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Bridesmaids Creek, Texas

John Lopez (Squid) Mathison and two of his buddies came to Bridesmaids Creek after retiring from the Navy SEALs. One of them, Cisco, is now blissfully married, another, dubbed Handsome Sam, has no inclination to marry. Squid, however, has tried three times to win his love by coming in first in a swimming race. Local lore has it a man is allowed only three tries before it becomes obvious the Bridesmaids Creek magic is not with him.

Daisy Donovan has always felt like an outsider in BC (as the town is sometimes called). Her only family is her father, a wealthy man given to taking over others’ businesses and property for which he’s not well liked. Daisy rides a motorcycle around town, followed by her gang of five suitors. Though she’s been called a wild child and the town’s bad girl, she’s not bad. In fact, she has decided she want’s acceptance and sets out to rehabilitate herself.

John (he drops his nickname) follows Daisy to a retreat in Montana, and there they come together in the nights. But back in BC, she still won’t marry him. He finally gives up his dream of a home and family of his own and leaves town to find his itinerant parents and brothers who lead a gypsy life following the rodeo circuit. His leaving makes Daisy realize she loves him, and she has Handsome Sam drive her to catch up with him.

Does this mean a happily-ever-after? No, not really. There is still the Bridesmaids Creek magic to win over and the small matter of Daisy’s stubborn independent streak, even though she’s carrying his triplet boys. It’s a small town, and everyone, including Sam, seems to be involved in the matter. Even Daisy’s father is mellowing.

Unfortunately, I have not read the first three books in the series so am not overly familiar with the many town folk and the whole matter of the magic. Enough is given, though, to make me wish I had. So while I recommend THE COWBOY SEAL’S TRIPLETS as a fun read by itself; it would be more enjoyable to start at the beginning if you can. The earlier books are THE REBEL COWBOY’S QUADRUPLETS, THE SEAL’S HOLIDAY BABIES, and THE TWINS’ RODEO RIDER.

I do so love tales about hunky men bowled over by babies!

Jane Bowers

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