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Be sure to check out the contest at the end of this post!   Title: Lady Emily’s Exotic Journey Author: Lillian Marek Series: Victorian Adventures, #2 Pubdate: August 4 th , 2015 ISBN: 9781492602293 From sensible, sheltered girl Safe in the embrace of her loving family, Lady Emily Tremaine longs to feel more intensely alive. Surely the magic and mystery of Assyria and the fabled ruins of Nineveh will bring about the transformation she seeks. To the woman his heart desires Scarred by his past and estranged from his noble grandfather, French adventurer Lucien Chambertin desires neither a home nor the chains of emotional attachment. He seeks only to explore the far reaches of the world. But he did not know the world contained the likes of Lady Emily—whose curiosity and sense of wonder match his own. Lillian Marek was born and raised in New York City. At one time or another she has had most of the interesting but underpaid jobs available to English ma

Spotlight Promo & Giveaway: SECOND CHANCE WITH A BILLIONAIRE by Janice Maynard

SECOND CHANCE WITH A BILLIONAIRE – Janice Maynard The Kavanaghs of Silver Glen , Book 5 Harlequin Desire #2392 ISBN: 978-0-373-73405-4 August 2015 Contemporary Series Romance Silver Glen, North Carolina – Present Day Ellie Porter broke Conor Kavanagh’s heart when they were teenagers after she moved away with her parents to South America and refused to keep in touch with him. Now a former ski champion and working at the family resort in Silver Glen, Conor’s heart skids to a stop one day when someone mentions Ellie and her twin brother, Kirby, are back in town to take care of their ailing grandfather. One night he runs into her in his brother’s bar, and she asks him to talk to Kirby, who had lost a foot in a hiking accident and is despondent. She also mentions that she’s a widowed mother of a little boy. Conor still feels this intense attraction to Ellie, but she makes it clear she does not want to get involved with any man. Is she still carrying a torch for h

Spotlight on LONE RIDER by B.J. Daniels

LONE RIDER – B.J.   Daniels The Montana Hamiltons , Book2 HQN ISBN: 978-0-373-78841-5 August 2015 Romantic Suspense Big Timber, Montana – Present Day Cowboy Jace Calder is asked by his sister, Emily, to search for her boss, Bo Hamilton, after she fails to return from a camping trip into the Crazy Mountains. Jace learns from his sister that it was recently discovered there was money missing from the nonprofit foundation run by Bo. Is Bo really missing, or did she run off to avoid prosecution for possible embezzlement? Jace is not sure of the answer, but one thing he knows is that for his sister’s sake he’ll head up into the mountains to see if he can find Bo. But how will Bo react when they come face-to-face, considering their high school romance ended badly? But once Jace gets deep into the mountains, he fears that Bo may have met a fate worse than death. Bo went on the trip into the mountains to clear her head so she could be ready to face the auditor who

Promo Spotlight on ... SEXY TO GO with Pamela Moran!

1. Tell us about your newest release. My PSI Sentinel series deals with a psychic, covert agency working in tandem with the government. Dreamwalkers, found in the Sexy To Go anthologies, are an offshoot branch of the PSI involved in a Federal Task Force. These men and women explore the shadowy, dangerous world of dreams and find, if not a happily ever after, a definite happy for now romantic ending, Dreamwalker: Dream Date (Sexy To Go, Volume 6), opens with Lee Jacobs staring at a photo of a woman he's certain he should know. But he doesn't. A few months before, Lee had been shot and left for dead. He survived, unfortunately his memory is full of holes. Why is he so sure Brynn Keagan, the beautiful doctor at the Lucid Dreaming Research Center, has the answers he seeks? 2. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your story? As a monthly collection of short stories, the Sexy To Go anthologies come out once a month. Since they're quick, sh