Friday, January 16, 2015

1.  Tell us about your newest release.
The Intruder is a very short erotic tale, in which a mysterious man fulfills a nameless woman's fantasy in a most satisfying manner. You can get it at Amazon, Breathless Press, Smashwords, all romance e-books, etc. You can find links on my website,

2.  What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your story?
I was surprised to discover that the story was still a fun read even thought there is almost no plot and it's almost all steamy sex.

3.  Do you have any interesting quirks or rituals?
Besides standing in front of the open refrigerator and staring at the contents when I should be writing? Well, that along with procrastinating atrociously are pretty much it.

4.  What authors or friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?
My sister who is a copy editor for a major metropolitan newspaper and is a wonderful writer encouraged me to start writing and then to keep on writing.

5.  What does your family think about your career as a published author?
Most of them disapprove to a greater or lesser extent. They'd prefer I wrote something more respectable.

6.  Besides writing, what other interests do you have?
I'm a professional photographer, I love to swim and I love the beach—most any beach. And recently I rediscovered ping-pong, and I'm learning there's more to it than managing to hit the ball over the net. I recently moved to Mexico, so I'm learning all kinds of new things—and trying to learn Spanish—why oh why did I study French all those years?

7.  Can you tell us what is coming up next for you?
In February, Breathless Press is releasing the first of the Kink Inc. series. These are short, very—and I mean scorchingly—hot, BDSM tales. But before that, at the end of January, Making Music, a Cougar Tale, full of both sex and sweetness, hits the e-book stands.

8.  How can readers connect with you online?
If readers enjoyed The Intruder, I will write more stories like that—so please let me know at what you think. Also if you post a review, let me know where and I will send you a free advance reviewer's copy of Mr. A, a Kink Inc. story.

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Blurb for The Intruder
 She knew he watched her though the window, now he's coming to make her scorching fantasies about him very, very real.
The man from across the way comes calling. She is ready to tantalize and submit.  Will he give her everything she craves? Let the night games begin.

 "You want me, don't you?" And he presses his body against mine. He smells like leather and spice. "You are my prisoner now. My victim." His voice is deep, menacing. "No one knows I'm here. There is no one to rescue you. It's what you wanted, isn't it?"
"No," I lie, "please…." I move my head from side to side, trying to avoid his fierce gaze. Heated desire leaps up within me, spreading through my body, my thighs, my pussy, my belly, my breasts.


As a fashion photographer, Juliet Chastain uses her cameras to make visual narratives using models and clothes. As a writer, she pounds out tales on a keyboard creating books out of characters and ideas that pop into her head.
Juliet writes two kinds of short stories: Sweet and spicy, such as Making Waves or The Captain and the Courtesan especially for the romantic who likes some serious heat in a sweetly satisfying story; and erotica like The Intruder, for those who prefer to go straight to the call-the-fire-department hot sex.

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