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Spotlight on FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY by Allie A.Burrow

Blurb Kate Powell only went and fell for the soldier she’d met just once before he had to jet off on a year-long posting overseas. Seven months in, and Kate is hornier than a blue wildebeest in mating season with only her battery-powered friend for relief. Her skills as a pen-pal scale new heights, but then a text message arrives out of the blue. Corporal Mark Butler is back in the country for one night only, and Kate isn’t about to let the opportunity pass her by. After all, who needs a vibrator when the real thing comes calling? *Allie has chosen to donate all royalties from 'For One Night only' and 'Serviced: Volume 1' to the UK charity Help For Heroes* Links… Goodreads Buy links: Breathless Press Excerpt Safely enveloped in the darkness of the alcove, the bass pounded through the soles of Kate's boots and echoed inside her ribs. She lunged and caught Mark’s face in her hands, pulling him down to kiss him, her tong

Denise Moncrief on Music While Writing and tells us about LAUREL HEIGHTS

Just using a song title in a manuscript can set the mood for a scene. Music can affect emotions and attitudes in real life, so why not use it to portray the feelings of fictional characters as well? When I was writing Crisis of Identity , I often thought about “Life Is Highway”. Not the Rascal Flatts version, but the Tom Cochrane version. Not that I have anything against Rascal Flatts. It’s just that Tom sings it with so much guttural passion. I beat my hands on the steering wheel (because it is the perfect road song) and sing along, loudly and probably off key. The song is fun, but it has some philosophy behind it. Identity was a fun book to write (and hopefully a fun book to read) with a bit of philosophical reflection, so “Life Is a Highway” seemed like the perfect musical backdrop for the action. When I wrote Crisis of Serenity , I was thinking of a song with an entirely different mood. Phil Collins’ “Against All Odds” kept popping into my mind. There’s more romance in