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Q & A with Vanessa M. Knight!

1. Tell us about your newest release.   Second Time's the Charm is a romance novel with a sprinkling of suspense.  It follows Allison Southby as her life turns upside down after the unexplained death of her boss and mentor.  If losing him wasn't bad enough, her mentor's youngest, the prodigal son has usurped the promotion she was promised. His other son, Adam Byrnes habitually rips out her heart and bats at it like a cat with catnip. Her best bet is to avoid the two men. Unfortunately, the will is very clear. Adam and his brother acquired control of their father's company. Barring any fundamental career change, (McDonald's is always hiring!), avoidance isn't an option. She just needs to get through the next few days.  Hopefully, the men will get bored and go back to their lives, leaving her to run the company - leaving her alone.  Just a few days, she can handle a few days… Unfortunately, nothing ever goes as planned.  Will Adam and Allison solve th

Q & A with Brantwijn Serrah!

1.   Tell us about your newest release. Goblin Fires marks the start of my second romantic series. Where The Books of Blood and Fire series is darker and more dramatic, Goblin Fires and its sequels are a little more upbeat, a little more "traditional" in the ways of romance novels. These books, which will be called The Chronicles of the Four Courts , are set in a world of faeries and fae very much based off the sort of faeries you'd find in The Dresden Files . I've tried to expand the faerie world, though, adding the existence of two more courts and making "Knights" a family unto themselves. Buy Link 2.   What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your story? I did a lot of research into fae mythology in Europe, especially Celtic European mythology, for these stories. I think what I found most surprising is the unbelievable proliferation of water faeries out there!   It's not as though each culture has one,