Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spotlight Review:

WEREWOLF IN LAS VEGAS – Vicki Lewis Thompson 
Wild About You , Book 7 
Signet Eclipse 
ISBN: 978-0-451-41568-4 
March 2014 
Paranormal Romance 

Present Day Las Vegas, Nevada 

In all of humankind, very, very few are aware that werewolves live among them. In fact, they do, and Weres are among society's most wealthy and prominent members. The Landry pack of San Francisco is a good example. At the moment, the heir—and next Alpha—to the Landry empire is missing. His sister, the company's CFO, tracks him to Las Vegas where she plans to convince him to come home and settle down. Giselle is disturbed to learn that Bryce has been seen in the company of a human female, Cynthia Dalton, the sister of Luke Dalton. Luke just won a bar from the brother of the Cartwright pack leader in a poker game. Luke's father and the Cartwright pack's Alpha were once great friends, but then Angus Dalton won the neighboring casino hotel from Harrison Cartwright. A feud developed between the two families when Harrison stalled in turning the casino over to Angus. The hotel and bar were built especially to cater to Wares and extensive renovations were necessary before passing it to a human. During the negotiations, Angus died of a heart attack, and Luke blamed it on Cartwright. Now Harrison is also dead, and Luke has his revenge against the Cartwrights by winning the bar from Benedict, who inherited the bar from his father.

Some Weres believe it is time to let humans know about them and they even promote intermarrying. Giselle is definitely not one of those. Luke is not happy with his sister, either. Cynthia was a semester away from graduating with honors from Yale. Now that their father is dead, she wants to stay in Vegas and do what she's always wanted, to dance as a showgirl. Giselle and Luke meet and join forces to find Cynthia and Bryce. What follows is an entertaining chase where these two strangers are faced with riddles and jokes from their AWOL siblings. Luke's overly strong protective streak becomes evident to Giselle, who is strongly in favor of women making decisions for themselves. She's not afraid of voicing her opinion, either. With such different personalities, not to mention Giselle's attitude against humans and Weres mixing, she fights mightily against the physical attraction she feels for Luke. She even likes his smell, and that's with her superhuman werewolf senses. 

Ms. Thompson has done it again, written movingly about a mismatched pair of potential lovers. And she does it with heart, humor, and sensuality. The previous books in the Wild About You series are set in Manhattan, the North Woods, Greenwich Village (an e-novella), Seattle, Denver, and Alaska. They are all tied together, but I can recommend each one (though I missed the novella) as a satisfying read. 

Jane Bowers

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