Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Spolight on THE CHANCE by Robyn Carr!

THE CHANCE – Robyn Carr
Thunder Point, Book 4
ISBN-13: 978-0-7783-1599-5
March 2014
Contemporary Romance

Thunder Point, Oregon – Present day

FBI operative Laine Carrington is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to criminals. She can take out the bad guys, defend herself, and get the job done. Far from her Virginia home, Laine has rented a house in Thunder Point where she can contemplate her future with the FBI. She loves her job, she always has, but her most recent undercover assignment was lengthy and all consuming, ending on both good and bad notes. Laine rescued several women from a commune near Thunder Point, including Devon McAllister and her daughter Mercy. And then, when things escalated to a boiling point inside the commune, Devon, Hank Cooper, Spencer Lawson, and Rawley Goode showed up to rescue Laine and little Mercy, who had been kidnapped by the commune's leader (THE HERO, September 2013). Mercy was freed, the bad guys are now out of business, and Laine was left with a gunshot wound to the shoulder.

For now, Laine is happy to make a comforting pot of soup on a cloudy day, then sit and watch the waves crash onto the shore of Thunder Point beach. Used to controlling any situation, Laine jumps right into the fray when she meets local service station owner and expert auto-body man Eric Gentry. There is no denying the sparks that fly between Eric and Laine when they meet, but Eric has a past, which Laine accidentally discovers after their first date. He spent five years in prison. He paid for a foolish mistake and lives his life clean now.

Laine takes THE CHANCE here in Thunder Point. She and Eric are inseparable once they meet, and she doesn't know where their relationship will go, or where it can go, given the differences between them. The FBI agent and the ex-con fall in love, but have tons of obstacles to overcome on their way to happiness. And then, just when their relationship begins to feel comfortable, Laine has to leave to help her family.

Inside the pages of THE CHANCE are all the dynamic characters we've come to know and love in Thunder Point, along with some new people, too. We meet Eric's longtime friend and employee, Al Michel. A nice little romance develops between Al and another Thunder Point resident in a pleasant and heart-warming side story. Familiar characters, Devon McAllister, Spencer Lawson, Hank Cooper and his wife Sarah, Sheriff McCain and his wife Gina, and Rawley Goode, are all here cheering Laine and Eric on. Eric and Gina's daughter, Ashley, is still getting to know her long-absent father for the first time, and meanwhile, Eric falls head over heels for Laine. He's willing to do whatever she asks and love her unconditionally, but Laine has other troubles aside from her job. When her father develops a medical condition, she and her twin brother, Pax, have to confront Paxton Sr.'s future while Laine struggles to forgive her father for the past.

THE CHANCE is the fourth novel in the Thunder Point series, following THE WANDERER (April 3013), THE NEWCOMER (July 2013), and THE HERO (September 2013). All these stories are the best of the best, with more to come in July 2014, when Dr. Scott Grant's story, THE PROMISE, hits the shelves.

THE CHANCE is a great love story, complete with a wonderful balance of happiness, tears and sizzling romance. Don't miss it!

Diana Risso


Pat L. said...

I love Robyn's books; so this def. on my list.

CherylR said...

I finished this and recommend to everyone.