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Giftcard winner is.....

Did the Custom Random Number Generator and it chose as the $20 Amazon GC winner to be..... Kelly Campbell. Congrats! Please email me at with your info. 

Guest Blog and Giveaway with Pamela Sherwood

BLURB Late in England’s Victorian age, the world is changing–new freedoms, new ideas, and perhaps a chance for an old love to be new again… A love too strong to let go … Aspiring singer Sophie Tresilian had the world at her feet–fame, fortune, and true love–until the man of her dreams broke her heart. Now she’s the toast of Europe, desired by countless men but unwilling to commit to any of them. Then Robin Pendarvis walks back into her life … Four years ago, Rob had hoped to make Sophie his bride, but secrets from his past forced him to let her go. Seeing her again revives all the old pain–and all the old passion. It might be against every rule, but somehow, some way, he will bring them together again… EXCERPT ( As this is being posted during Thanksgiving week, I thought it only appropriate that this excerpt should feature the newly acquainted hero and heroine partaking of a holiday feast! ) As Lady Tresilian had promised, supper was lavish, as be

Spotlight Review

HEATING UP THE HOLIDAYS – Lisa Renee Jones, Mary Ann Rivers, Serena Bell   Loveswept eBook - eISBN: 978-0-804-17840-2   November 2013   Contemporary Romance Anthology   The holidays are coming: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year. Here are three hot tales to help celebrate the season.   Play With Me – Lisa Renee Jones   Las Vegas, Nevada   After a devastating incident involving her lover and made worse by her father (her only family), Kali Miller leaves her job writing fluff pieces for   Texas Star   and moves to Las Vegas. But when she arrives, the reporter job she was to start there has fallen through. She's broke and desperate, but determined to toughen up and make a new life for herself. She lands a temp job as secretary for the CEO of the Vantage Hotel and Casino group. When she meets Damion Ward, she has mixed feelings. The totally handsome man gives her immediate tingles, but the last thing she needs is another powerful, arrogant man in her

Gearing up for the HOLIDAYS!!!

This week it is Thanksgiving in the United States, which is the official launch of the Christmas shopping season. I don't know about you, but I dread what the shopping does to my pocketbook. But, shopping is fun, especially if it's books. Who doesn't love to read??? To help celebrate the start of holiday shopping, I'm giving away a $20 Amazon gift card to one lucky poster. All you need to do is tell us about what you want (realistically) for Christmas!

Q & A with Raven McAllan!!!

What 3 things do you need in order to write? Laptop, power and inspiration If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? Anywhere I haven't been… yet! When did you decide you wanted to be a writer? No idea. It's just been inside me and now it's out. What's the first sentence of Miss Simpkin’s School: Flora ? Molly Simpkins wandered from room to elegant room. Tell us what Miss Simpkin’s School: Flora all about? A Regency School for seduction. Molly Simpkins' is an ex-courtesan who, with her benefactors, opens a 'school' to help the young ladies of the ton seduce their men, so that they won't stray. Dish, who’s your favorite character? All of them What would you say is Flora's most prized possession? Her integrity. What book would Flora have on her nightstand? Well as it's set in Regency times, it would probably be Lord Byron's For all of us impatient readers, wh

Guest Blogger: Jeannie Moon

I had this wonderful post written about my new book, Unexpectedly Yours , which just came out this week, and then People Magazine had to name The Sexiest Man Alive for 2014 and the Internet exploded.   Well, my Internet—the one populated with romance authors who hunt hot men on Google like their lives depended on it—that one exploded. I couldn’t let that go.   I trashed the other post and wrote this on. Most women in the world, would simply glance at the smirking form of Adam Levine, Maroon 5’s front man, and either agree or disagree with the assessment.   But in the romance world, the arm-chair quarterbacking and the commentary began Tattoos—too many, not enough or just enough?   Is he big enough, strong enough?   Do you think he’s confident or does that grin on his face make you think he’s just cocky? I don’t know.   Mr. Levine doesn’t float my boat. I don’t doubt that he’s talented; I love his music.   He seems like a decent human being, but he’s not the kind of