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Spotlight Review:

DOUBLE DANGER – Dee Davis A-Tac Series, Book 6
Grand Central Forever
ISBN: 978-0-446-58293-3
December 2012
Romantic Suspense

Sunderland College, New York - The Present

At Sunderland College in New York, one department, the Aaron Thomas Academic College, disguises the work of A-Tac, a black ops division of the CIA. Simon is the newest member of the team and recently participated in an attack in the Pakita Provence of Afghanistan. The team had targeted a dangerous fanatic who had apparently been warned and possibly escaped. The man Simon shot, who seemed to be destroying information, looks too young to be the target the team hunted. Intel indicates the same fanatic might have ties to A-Tac's archenemy, the Consortium. The team comes away with a partially burned notebook and a damaged hard drive.

Simon is a former Seal with a bum leg. After A-Tac returns to the states, Simon goes to a hospital for special surgery in New York. He learns there is nothing more that can be done for his leg, or at least what Simon will let be done, other than suck up the pain. When leaving the hospital, he runs into Jillian Montgomery, the wife of his best friend, and the one woman Simon loves. JJ, as he likes to call her, is working with some patients. He has a strong sense of guilt for a sexual encounter with JJ before her marriage, and for the death of her husband, Ryan, in a SEAL mission in Somalia. Disaster happens when a small plane crashes through the hospital's windows.

Back at A-Tac Simon learns the Consortium might have been involved with the Afghanistan action and with the crash at the hospital. Simon receives a shock when JJ enters their meeting. It seems Jillian is with Homeland Security and was taking part in a disaster preparedness drill at the hospital. She becomes Simon's partner in tracking down clues to determine who was responsible for the crash and discovering what terrorist action might take place. They need to stop those plans before they happen. From that point on, the action is both dangerous and unstoppable. All the time Jillian and Simon are operating under their obvious desire for one another, while at the same time fighting their misconceptions; this adds emotional drama to all of their encounters.

Many characters from previous A-Tac novels take part in DOUBLE DANGER, but this story stands alone. The one Consortium villain mentioned, Michael Brecht, is a former and disgraced member of A-Tak. He directs some of the danger Jillian and Simon face. Besides the intrigue of the connections between A-Tac characters, Brecht's position might also interest readers in previous volumes. Yet, even without this draw, DOUBLE DANGER will satisfy all readers who enjoy a little love between über-heroic characters in super-dangerous situations.

Robin Lee

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