Thursday, January 03, 2013

Spotlight Review:

A Princess Brides Romance
Signet Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-451-23843-6
December 2012
Historical Romance

Scotland and England – 1816

Princess Mercedes of Alden is on her way home from Scotland when her entourage is attacked and everyone with her killed. How she managed to escape and elude her pursuers is beyond her, but somehow she stumbles through the night to an inn where the owner, observing her bedraggled appearance, refuses to believe her story. As he prepares to toss her out, a man steps up to help her. The Highlander, who doesn't for one second give credence to her story, gets her a room and clean clothes. Mercedes is terrified that the men who attacked her will find her again, and begs the stranger to take her to her friends in London.

War-weary Major Daniel MacKinnon wants nothing more but to return to his home and restart his life. While no longer considered the laird of his property due to the post-Rising laws, he still wants to be far away from battles and strife. Assisting a helpless woman doesn't seem like much of a challenge, until she keeps insisting that she is in danger. At first, he just puts her on a coach to London and rides away, but his honor and a nagging suspicion that he's left her in danger make him turn around and join her. They set out on the journey south, but it will not be a smooth trip. Someone is, indeed, after the “princess , ” and Daniel soon not only begins to believe the girl, but to fall in love with her.

Book two in The Princess Brides trilogy, HER HIGHNESS AND THE HIGHLANDER is filled with adventure, mystery, and plenty of romance. Mercedes has a rude awakening as she's left on her own to face the world, far from the luxury she has known for her entire young life. Her feelings for Daniel grow each day they're together, and she suspects the feelings are mutual. For Daniel, putting his life in danger is nothing new to him, but putting his heart on the line is. But just who could have known about the princess's journey, and what were the intentions of those who attacked her? Will London even be safe for Mercedes?

HER HIGHNESS AND THE HIGHLANDER is an enjoyable read with excellent lead characters, and a mystery that will only be solved late in the tale.

Jani Brooks

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Caffey said...

This sounds awesome! Its book two so I shall have to plan for the first one as well. A joy to read your review!