Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Spotlight Review:

A Regency Rogues Novel
Ballantine Books
ISBN: 978-0-345-53115-5
January 2013
Regency Romance

England – 1813

Lady Sophia Afton had a happy childhood growing up in a loving family, having the company of young friends to share life with. And knowing that since birth she has been more or less betrothed to Langdon, eldest son of the Earl of Stonecliffe, Sophia felt safe and much loved. Until the day her beloved mother was murdered in their home during a party at their country estate. From then on Sophia has centered her life on discovering who the murderer was by studying criminal issues and allying herself with the Bow Street Runners.

Being born a second son and knowing that your older brother is going to someday wed the woman you love, Nicholas Bourne has chosen to be a rogue of the realm. Langdon, now the earl, still believes he'll marry Sophia, their lifelong friend, and Nicholas can only react with silent frustration by being everything his brother isn't. That is, until he discovers that Sophia is endangering her life by pursuing the killer of her mother. He knows that Langdon is completely unaware of Sophia's plans.

Much to Sophia's surprise, she is allied with Nicholas, the scoundrel, to find the mysterious Bishop who either was the murderer or knew the murderer. Sophia is also well aware that her feelings for Nicholas are, and always have been, much stronger than those she feels for Langdon. She's long avoided the topic of marriage with the earl, but knows that sooner or later she will have to make a decision. Working this closely with Nicholas has churned up her emotions in more ways than one. Determined to find her mother's killer, she's equally determined not to succumb to Nicholas's roguish charm.

Danger and mystery are around every corner as Sophia and Nicholas team up—he more to protect Sophia than anything else. Several secondary characters are vital parts of this search, including young Mouse, a street urchin rescued by Nicholas, and Singh, Nicholas's self-proclaimed assistant. Just who is the deadly man known as the Bishop? And why kill an innocent woman in her own home? Can Sophia be next on the list?

THE SCOUNDREL TAKES A BRIDE is non-stop adventure and romance as Sophia and Nicholas learn much more about each other, and about the sometimes dangerous world around them.

Jani Brooks

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