Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Spotlight Review:

WEREWOLF IN DENVER – Vicki Lewis Thompson
A Wild About You Novel , Book 4
Signet Eclipse
ISBN: 978-0-451-238641
October 2012
Paranormal Romance

Near Denver, Colorado

I bet you didn't know Werewolves really exist or that there are packs of Weres all over the globe. You'd also be surprised at how successfully they blend even at the highest echelons of power. Now as never before—through the Internet—have the packs been so in touch with each other. In fact, the first ever international conference—WereCon2012—is being held at the Stillman Lodge in Estes Park near Denver. The theme is Our Future in a Changing Environment and the promoters hope to resolve their most divisive matter. Some think it's time to let humans know they exist; others believe it's too dangerous. Secrecy is seriously challenged by the increasing number of marriages between Weres and humans.

Stillman Lodge is owned and run by the Stillman family and caters exclusively to Weres. As head of HOWL—Honoring Our Werewolf Legacy—the anti-mixing of species and coming out in public faction, Kate Stillman runs a blog and an Internet dating site to match up Weres. Duncan MacDowell, whose elder brother is the MacDowell Alpha and Laird of Glenbarra in Scotland, holds the opposite point of view. He's been dating human females for some time now, and wants humans to know and respect the Weres among them. As head of WOOF—Werewolves Optimizing Our Future—he and Kate have been engaged in heated dueling for months via their respective blogs.

As granddaughter of the pack alpha and hostess of the conference, Kate feels it only gracious to meet MacDowell at the airport and drive him to the lodge. How hard can it be to be polite for a short time? Well…Kate doesn't count on a sudden blizzard and getting stuck on the way back. Luckily she knows of a vacation cabin nearby. So now we have an attractive pair, each thoroughly dedicated to their opposing causes, marooned in an isolated cabin for who knows how long….

Once Kate and Duncan reach the lodge, the serious business of the conference can commence. The questions raised are surprisingly interesting as are so many of the people attending. All the while Kate and Duncan fight their attraction while keeping loyal to their separate followers. The dialogues are sprightly, both verbal and online. And also in intimate moments!

What a fun and funny, romantic and sexy, and intriguing series this is! It can make you believe in Werewolves, or at least to wish that they were real if they could only be like those created by Ms. Thompson. I've liked every tale I've read (I missed only an e-novella I didn't know about until now). One of the things that make this series so special is that, though the books are all tied together, each is unique. If you haven't started them yet, I heartily recommend them to you…all of them. First came WEREWOLF IN MANHATTAN, then WEREWOLF IN THE NORTH WOODS, WEREWOLF IN SEATTLE, and now WEREWOLF IN DENVER. You'll be wild about them.

Jane Bowers

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