Thursday, October 04, 2012

Spotlight Review:

A Whisper of Scandal Novel
Signet Eclipse
ISBN: 978-0-451-23779-8
September 2012
Historical Romance

Regency England

Lady Elena Morrow awakens in a strange bed in a strange room, and next to a strange man! How she got here is a mystery, as is who the man is. Plus, her clothes are nowhere to be found. When her partner wakes up, she recognizes him as Viscount Randolph Andrews, a well known rake. What on earth is going on?

Ran Andrews shakes off the muzziness and immediately tries to open the door to the room. It's locked. His clothes are gone also, so both he and the young woman are barely clad, stuck in the room, and he knows this is not going to sit well with the ton. At least as far as the lady is concerned.

With the disappearance of Elena, and then the news that Viscount Andrews is also missing, her family tries in vain to suppress the information from getting out to the public. Elena's father enlists the help of his niece's husband, Benjamin Wallace, Lord Heathton, who seems to have his own problems. His wife of six months, Alicia, has decided she wants more in their marriage—more of him. And until he woos her properly, her bed is off limits. Maybe if he finds her cousin, things will be better—or not. Ben begins to learn a lot more about his beautiful wife than he ever thought to learn.

In the meantime, Elena and Ran are wined and dined by their mysterious captor, but still confined in the tower room. It could all be very romantic if, in fact, Elena was not already betrothed to another, and that Ran doesn't want anything to do with marriage.

While Ben uses his espionage skills to track down the missing pair, Alicia works to retrieve a more intimate partnership with her rather dour, straight-laced husband. She just wants to be more than the proper wife who sits in the background while her husband lives his own life.

RUINED BY MOONLIGHT has a very romantic and unique premise. Readers will be surprised at the conclusion, and will delight in the results that both couples achieve.

A very enjoyable book, I highly recommend RUINED BY MOONLIGHT.

Jani Brooks

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New author, mysterious, sounds like a winner!