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Spotlight Review:

EMBER'S KISS – Deborah Cooke
A Dragonfire Novel
Signet Eclipse
ISBN: 978-0-451-23825-2
October 2012
Paranormal Romance

Hawaii – 2011

Pyrs are shape-shifting dragon warriors who defend humans from evil. Slayers are vowed to destroy mankind and Pyrs.

Despising the fact that he is a dragon shifter, Brandon Merrick just wants to be a surfer in Hawaii. Hoping to diminish his shape shifting, he is befriended by an elderly Chinese man, Chen, who gives him a magical powder in exchange for some of Brandon's dragon scales. Unbeknownst to Brandon, what he is doing will guarantee he will be enslaved by Chen, a Slayer. When he meets marine biologist Liz Barrett, Brandon is stunned to realize that she is his mate when she sets off his firestorm. Maybe there is something to say for being a Pyr!

Liz is hoping to just enjoy the marine workshop she is attending in Hawaii, but her own past screams to the present when, while passing through the tunnel that runs within a volcano, she experiences flashes of her own power returning. As a Firedaughter, Liz is from a long line of witches. However, like Brandon, she doesn't want to embrace her powers after watching her mother die fourteen years previously. Then she meets surfer Brandon, and they have a torrid night, topped off by a powerful earthquake. That isn't frightening enough, but a huge dragon appears in her room, and she can't find Brandon. Liz is rapidly realizing that something is very unusual about her trip to Hawaii.

The Dragonfire novels are an amazing series of exciting, romantic, and enchanted stories. EMBER'S KISS introduces two incredibly vulnerable people who, rather than embracing their extraordinary abilities, instead want to suppress them. But all their private wishes don't take into account the Slayers who only want to destroy them, and they will stop at nothing, including laying waste to the islands and the people who live there.

Readers will be glad to know that many of the heroes and heroines from the previous novels will have parts in this story. EMBER'S KISS is a thrilling continuation to this excellent, intoxicating series. Like the other books, it's beautifully written, and has realistic and very human characters.

I highly recommend EMBER'S KISS and suggest reading the previous novels. Check out Deborah Cooke's website for a complete list:

Jani Brooks

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