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Women Did It Better! By Carrie Lofty

Please welcome author Carrie Lofty  and be sure to enter her contest at the end of the post.       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Joe from His Very Own Girl is an incredible hero, but I also have an amazing fondness for his lady love, Lulu Davies, a British civilian pilot. The war took an atrocious toll on populations around the world. That much is well documented and horrible. The reverberating change that came about as a result of mobilization, however, were the advancements made by women in many fields. One such field was aviation. Jackie Cochran was a daredevil celebrity who helped found the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) in the United States. By allowing civilians to move planes between hangars, weapons fitting, and their ultimate destinations across the country, the WASP ideal was to free military men from the task. In truth, the WASPs were greatly for show. British flyer Amy Johnson, however, achieved far more by helping to found the Air Transit Auxili

A Perfect 10:

BIG SKY MOUNTAIN - Linda Lael Miller Big Sky Series , Book 2 A Perfect 10 HQN ISBN-13: 978-0-373-77661-0 August 2012 Contemporary Romance Parable, Montana – Present Day Hutch Carmody never wanted to get married. Well, maybe he would have married Kendra Shepherd, but she threw him over the minute some titled Englishman came waltzing into town and dangled his English castle in front of her eyes. And now, years later, Brylee Parrish manages to get Hutch here, inside church, of all places. Hutch is standing at the altar, Brylee is walking toward him, all smiles and glowing, and all he wants to do is bolt. Hutch really tried to end this event. He tried to tell her over and over again, but Brylee wouldn't listen, and now he has to stop this fiasco before it's too late. His step-brother, Slade, advises Hutch to run fast after shocking everyone in the building, so they leave the church and head back to the ranch. When the wedding party returns home ear

Christina Dodd book winner is....

Congrats to poster # 3, Joanne, who wins a copy of BETRAYAL!! Please email me at by 9/6/12!

Chat Wed night with.......Jacqueline Diamond!

Harlequin American author Jacqueline Diamond joins us to discuss her book, THE M.D.'S SECRET DAUGHTER.    Door prize: One lucky winner will receive a signed copy of THE M.D.'S SECRET DAUGHTER! Moderated by Sandi.     When? Wed night at 9:00 PM Eastern time   Where? or go to and click on RRT CHAT. Once the login screen loads, just type your name and choose Mo's room from the chat room menu ;)   Hope to see you for a night where NO ONE will need a M.D. LOL Mo Author's website:

Top Gun, Fighter Pilots and Adrenaline Junkies By Katie Porter

Our “Vegas Top Guns” series of contemporary erotic romances—I say “our” because Katie is actually the co-writing team of myself, Carrie Lofty, and my long-time friend and critique partner, Lorelie Brown—is based on the concept that fighter pilots are friggin’ hot. I’m gambling that lots and lots of readers are of our mindset, because the series in teeming full of them! There’s a hot major, a hot young prodigy, a kick-ass chick, a Zenned-out badboy, a joker, and an asshole, so basically a gamut of humanity represented in our cast. Beyond friendship and loyalty to their comrades, these diverse individuals have one thing in common: they’re adrenaline junkies. Think back to the film Top Gun, which I’m hoping even younger readers will have heard of. It’s hard to tell with a movie that is, oh gracious, 26 years old. Basically, it was back when Tom Cruise wasn’t too crazy and Val Kilmer was a sex symbol. (If you had a crush on him at any point in your youth, don’t Google pictures

Book Giveaway:

BETRAYAL by Christina Dodd! Blurb: During one hot summer, they came together in the sweetness of first love…until his past reared its ugly head and Noah walked away from her without a word. Nine years later, Penelope returns, never imagining she’d see Noah or that one glance would wake their fiery passion. But even as she fights the impulse to love him again, their secrets betray them. As peril builds around them, Penelope has one choice: to survive, she must once again trust the man who betrayed her. Even with terror stalking through Bella Terra’s streets, love may be the most dangerous choice of all.  I nt eresting question for you readers...  Since BETRAYAL is about getting a second chance with your first love. How about you? Do you think you'd get back together with your first love? Or is the one you're with the one and only love you've ever had? Post your responses and be entered in a chance to win a copy of BETRAYAL ! US and Canada

New Reviews Posted.....

Check out the new reviews posted and peruse the archives.... and while you're there be sure to enter the August contest for some terrific books! Anthology Reviews CHERISHED - Maya Banks and Lauren Dane - 8/2012 - Jennifer - Erotic Contemporary Romance Contemporary Fiction THE INN AT ROSE HARBOR - Debbie Macomber - Rose Harbor Inn Series, Book 1 - 8/2012 - Diana - New! Contemporary Romance BIG SKY MOUNTAIN - Linda Lael Miller - Big Sky series , Book 2- A Perfect 10 - 8/2012 - Diana - New! CAN'T HURRY LOVE - Molly O'Keefe - 8/2012 - Patti THE COWBOY AND THE PRINCESS - Lori Wilde - 8/2012 - Patti DREAM LAKE - Lisa Kleypas - A Friday Harbor Nove l, Book 3 - 8/2012 - Jane FOREVER AND A DAY - Jill Shalvis - A Lucky Harbor Nove l, Book 6 - 8/2012 - Patti NAKED GAMES - Anne Rainey - 8/2012 - CeCe - Erotic ONE NIGHT RODEO - Lorelei James - Blacktop Cowboys, Book - 8/2012 - Jane - Erotic - New! SWEET TALK - Julie Garwood - 8/2012 -