Thursday, July 26, 2012

Spotlight Review:

Texas Trilogy, Book 1
ISBN: 978-1-455-51572-1
July 2012
Contemporary Romance

Everson, Texas - Present Day

Her divorce has been final for six months now, and Marla Jean Bandy is itching for some fun and a man for the night. When she finally decides to jump right in and make it happen with Donny Joe Ledbetter, who should interrupt their kiss but Abel Jacobson. Abel, whom everyone calls Jake, might be her brother Lincoln's best friend, but that's no reason for him to be bustin' open the door of Donny Joe's truck. According to Jake, Linc asked him to watch out for Marla Jean while he and his new wife are out of town; thus, Jake has made Marla Jean his pet project until her brother returns.

Marla Jean is old enough to take care of herself, but Jake won't leave her alone. She runs into him all over town while he takes it upon himself to be a regular nuisance while he keeps an eye on her. Maybe it's guilt? Marla's ex-husband, Bradley, left her for a fifty-something older woman who just happens to be Jake's aunt, and it seems like Jake is trying to make it up to her. Marla Jean has been head over heels for Jake since she was young, but he's never once looked at her. Now, he's not only looking, but he's taking the big brother role to the extreme.

AIN'T MISBEHAVING is the first book in the Texas Trilogy by debut author, Molly Cannon. The pages take us into the town of Everson, Texas, where almost the entire town gathers at Lulu's bar for fun and dancing on Friday nights, and the rest of the residents are almost always to be found over at Bertie Harcourt's Rise and Shine Diner talking about everything and everyone else, especially Marla Jean and her troubles.

Marla Jean took over her dad's barber shop when he retired, and her degree in art couldn't bring forth a suitable job. She still cuts hair for all her dad's customers, except Jake, who thinks that he has to go to a barber in another town in order to get proper attention paid to his stubborn cowlick. So, while Marla Jean is fixing to get a man in her life, and Jake is trying to keep said men away from her, there's lots of fun to be had by all. The pages sparkle with life and lots of zany characters, and although I felt the story was a little too lengthy, AIN'T MISBEHAVING is a really fun book, and I am looking forward to the next in the series, CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE. This will be Donnie Joe Ledbetter's story, and it's due out next summer.

Meanwhile, don't miss Molly Cannon's great beginning in AIN'T MISBEHAVING!

Diana Risso



Estella said...

Sounds like a fun read!

Kathleen O said...

I am so adding this book to my tbr list... Found out this book is available at my library.. Can't wait to get my hands on the next available copy...

Thanks for bring this book to my attention..