Tuesday, July 03, 2012

A Perfect 10:

SUDDENLY SEXY – Susanna Carr A Perfect 10
Harlequin Blaze #692
ISBN: 978-0-373-79696-0
June 2012
Series Romance

Seattle, Washington – Present Day

Julie Kent is tired of being the token office person in the security and investigative agency she works for, so when an assignment comes up that requires a female decoy, she jumps to offer herself, but no one takes her seriously. Not even temporary agent (and deliciously hot) Eric Ranger. He scoffs at the idea of Julie as a crime fighter, despite her desire to save the world and do anything that needs to be done. A coworker suggests that Julie get Eric's attention by putting a seductive move on him, so she does, and boy, does she ever get his attention! Eric can't keep his hands off Julie. While Julie is willing to reciprocate, her main objective is to get into the heart of the action. Eric agrees for her to try out, so she's sent on a trial mission, where she soon finds herself sidetracked and up to her ears in the midst of another caper. Meanwhile, Eric is suddenly feeling protective of Julie and wants to be near her 24/7—even if that means keeping her tied to his bed.

A sexy adventure and romance from Susanna Carr, SUDDENLY SEXY is a topnotch tale from start to finish. Julie has stars in her eyes as she reads (and dreams about) super agents who save the world from the bad guys. She also has some naughty thoughts about Eric. He's on leave from his job as a government agent, helping out a friend with his struggling agency. Landing a big job would do wonders for the company, so only the best need to be involved. Eric isn't sure Julie, who has no training in investigative skills, can even think she could go undercover as a sexy bombshell. But when she turns her expertise on Eric, he's stunned by his own reaction. Julie makes it clear she wouldn't mind a fling with Eric, but only if he lets her prove her worth. Of course, Eric is keeping his eye on Julie and won't let her get into trouble, but his plans soon go awry.

SUDDENLY SEXY sizzles with off the chart chemistry between Julie and Eric, combined with some superb suspense. Both know he's only there for few weeks, but they're making the most of the time. As Julie grows more confident in her skills, Eric grows even more obsessed with her. He wants her to back off when she stumbles onto something that could prove dangerous, but she is one determined woman. Will Julie get her way—and bring down the bad guys—or will Eric have to rescue her? Will Eric decide to stay in Seattle, or will he walk away from the one woman who can make him lose his superlative investigative skills? A first-rate sensual and exciting tale, SUDDENLY SEXY was one of the best Blazes I've read in a while, which is why I'm giving it one of Romance Reviews Today's Perfect 10's. Find out for yourself why it's well worth picking up.

Patti Fischer 


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Laurie G said...

I've enjoyed her books in the past. I will have to check this one out too.

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It sounds like a great read.

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Sounds like a good book.