Monday, June 18, 2012

Spotlight Review:

Harlequin Blaze #689
ISBN: 978-0-373-79693-9
June 2012
Series Romance

Athens, Georgia - Present Day

After a lifetime of doing the opposite of what her father wants, Mimi Burdette is finally going along with his wishes by dating Dimitri.  While he's handsome and nice, Mimi doesn't really feel a spark, but decides to seduce him anyway to see if there's something more beneath the surface.  As she's trying to figure out which underwear would be most seductive, a man comes crashing through her closet door.  A hot, sexy, shirtless man who causes a fire to start burning in Mimi's blood.

Xander McKinley hadn't planned to join the engagement party happening in the yard of his new apartment house, but when he inadvertently locks himself out, he has to find his landlady to let him in.  The only key Anna has will let him in through the secret door in the closet, yet before he can enter his bedroom, he sees his new neighbor, nearly naked.  Anna has apparently decided to play matchmaker between Xander and Mimi, and considering the beauty before him, Xander's not about to complain.  Now he only has to convince Mimi that though he may not be her father's perfect pick, he is perfect for her.

A scorching affair becomes much more in BLAZING MIDSUMMER NIGHTS.  Mimi is hoping to take over her father's place as CEO of the family business someday, but feels she needs to prove herself.  She sees dating Dimitri as the right thing to do, even if it feels wrong.  Xander is starting over and not really looking for romance, but Mimi is hard to resist.  In spite of the sizzling passion between them, Xander isn't willing to start anything with her still dating Dimitri, and Mimi isn't quite ready to admit that Dimitri isn't for her.

A fun, sexy romance novel, don't miss BLAZING MIDSUMMER NIGHTS.

Jennifer Bishop


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