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A Perfect 10:

LUCKY IN LOVE - Jill Shalvis
A Perfect 10
A Lucky Harbor Novel , Book 4
ISBN: 978-1-455-50372-8
June 2012
Contemporary Romance

Lucky Harbor, Washington - Present Day

Wanted: Good girl needs a bad boy to take her for a walk on the wild side.

Nurse Mallory Quinn is known as Lucky Harbor's good girl, and she's tired of taking care of everyone else but herself. Now she wants to experience one night as a bad girl, preferably with someone who won't be around town long enough to be a reminder afterwards. Mysterious Cute Guy, aka, Ty Garrison seemingly fits Mallory's requirements, but she's petrified to approach him. But after he literally lands at her feet injured during a storm, she asks a barely conscious Ty to accompany her to a local auction. To her surprise, he actually shows up…

Ty has settled temporarily in Lucky Harbor to recover from the physical and mental injuries he suffered in an accident that left his friends dead. Ty hasn't made it a point to interact much with the locals, but after the accident that led to his encounter with Mallory, he decides to show up at the auction she's running, unaware that she had led her friends to think they had a date. But rather than expose her as a fraud, he goes along with the ruse. Mallory intrigues Ty, making him feel something he hasn't experienced in a long time. In fact, he gives her an orgasm upstairs in a storage room during the auction. Oh. My. Goody Two Shoes Mallory has become a bad girl. But Ty is enjoying showing her the ropes.

Whenever I'm looking for a romance to chase away the worries of life, all I have to do is pick up a Jill Shalvis book. Once again she has worked her magic with the totally entertaining LUCKY IN LOVE.  Mallory has become the one everyone relies on to never rock the boat and who would never do anything outrageous. But she wants to break out of the mold for just one night, and Ty looks like the perfect candidate for the job. She didn't expect that she'd become "addicted" to Ty and can't resist going back for more. Ty isn't exactly a chatty guy or even appears interested in her for anything but great sex, yet his mysteriousness charms her panties right off her. Ty won't be sticking around much longer, so Mallory figures once he is gone, she'll go back to being the good girl.

Fighting a war was bad enough for Ty, but the horrifying plane crash in which he was the only survivor has left him with recurring nightmares that he doesn't want to discuss with anyone. Not even Mallory after he has one while they're sleeping together. Could her soft touch be the remedy to help him through his pain? Ty admires Mallory for her drive and passion in helping people even when there are roadblocks placed in her path. Is there something that they can do for each other to make things easier? Readers will surely find the answer in LUCKY IN LOVE.

Part of the Lucky Harbor series, we really don't see much of the three sisters from the first trilogy, though they are mentioned. We do get Lucille again, that loveable, rascally elderly lady who just seems to know what is going on and posts the naughty updates to the town's Facebook page. But playing important parts (for future books) are Grace and Amy, who are part of the Chocoholics Club with Mallory. I can't wait to read their stories. There are other minor characters that are too numerous to mention, but they all sparkle and shine in LUCKY IN LOVE.

The romance between Ty and Mallory steams up the pages in LUCKY IN LOVE, even as they embark on an affair both believe to be temporary. Yet the emotional support they provide for each other bonds them and makes it impossible to deny how good they are for each other. A perfect tale that deserves a Perfect 10, I highly recommend LUCKY IN LOVE for your reading pleasure.

Patti Fischer

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