Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spotlight Review:

ISBN: 978-0-380-79709-7
April 2012
Historical Romance

Cornwall, 1815

A half dozen or so years ago, Madame Indrani rescued a young girl from the mean streets of a London slum. She carefully reared and trained Eden, the young beauty with no last name, until she was able to sell her for the magnificent sum of twenty-five thousand pounds to a prince of Kurdufan for his harem. With two of the prince’s men to guard her, Eden was put aboard a ship to her new home. Not far out to sea, a storm blew up, and Eden managed to steal a dinghy and escape…better a small chance at freedom than to be locked up once again.

All the people who live in the Penhollow area—with the possible exception of Pierce Kirrier himself—feel it’s time for the earl to marry. Opinions differ on his choice of bride, though. His mother and the local gentry have one young lady of the neighborhood picked out, while the rest of the inhabitants of the area want only that he be happy. A group of his servants and the villagers team up with the Widow Haskell to make a little magic and toss a charm into the sea.

Pierce fishes with a friend at Hermit’s Cove when a small boat with what appears to be someone aboard washes toward the rocks. He braves the dangerous current to rescue the passenger. When Pierce carries the unconscious Eden to Penhollow Hall and establishers her there until she’s well, the commoners rejoice in the working of the charm. His mother and the gentry, on the other hand, are incensed. And Pierce and Eden? Ah, that proves to be a delightful tale of desire and suspense.

Beautifully written with depth and understanding of human nature by an author who knows how to balance strong emotion and lighter moments, WHEN DREAMS COME TRUE well deserves being brought back into print. If you have already read WHEN DREAMS COME TRUE, it’s definitely worthy of a re-read. If you haven’t read it, you are in for a special treat.

Jane Bowers

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