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Chat with Carly Phillips on Wednesday May 2nd!

Carly will be joining Mo and the gang in the Romance Reviews Today chat room on Wednesday to chat about KARMA, her newest book in the Serendipity series. The chat will be held in the chat room - access by going to and clicking on the chat icon and then into Mo's Book Buzz. Chat begins at 9:00 EST and lasts an hour. Mo will announce what the door  prize will be.  To learn more about KARMA and Carly's other books, go to

Guest Blog - The Creation of Arizona Storm by Lori Foster

     For Arizona, I read so many “real” reports of women recovered from human traffickers – and some who died while in captivity. One particular report stuck with me, because it was the rescued girl’s mother doing the interview. I felt her pain, her grief, her relief... it IS real. It’s happening. Modern day slavery is a crisis in our society.       I’ve never personally known anyone involved in human trafficking, but I’ve known other people who suffered great hardship. People are so incredibly strong, and most find a way to deal with their issues. Some are sarcastic, some hilarious, others close themselves off in an effort to avoid more pain.       For Arizona, she chose to be proactive, to face the issues head-on. She wanted revenge, yes, but she also gladly put herself at risk in hopes of keeping others safe.        Every day I hear about a real-life hero. I think most of us have no idea if we’d be heroic or cowardly, if, when faced with danger, we’d tuck tail and

Spotlight Review

HIGHLAND LOVER – Amanda Scott Scottish Nights Trilogy , Book 3 Grand Central's Forever ISBN: 978-0-446-57432-7 April 2012 Historical Romance Scotland and England and their Territorial Waters, 1403 Never a strong king, William III of Scotland was further weakened with the death of his beloved queen and the mysterious death of Davy, his elder son and heir. In an effort to safeguard his remaining son, Jamie Stewart, the king calls on the loyal Earl of Orkney to smuggle the boy out of Scotland on one of his ships. Also on board besides Jamie are Jamie's servant and friend, Will Fletcher; the earl, himself; his secretaries, Sir Kintigurn Lyle and Niall Clyne; along with Niall's bride, Lady Alyson MacGillivray, who hasn't seen much of her groom in the few weeks of their marriage. Lady Alyson needed to work her wiles to accompany her husband, though she's unaware of the purpose of the voyage until later. Some believe Davy Stewart died through th

Winner is...

The winner of WHAT LIES BENEATH is......Laurie G! Congrats....and email me at

Kristan Higgins chats at Romance Reviews Today Wed Night!

NY Times and USA Today Bestselling author, Kristan Higgins joins us to discuss her book, SOMEBODY TO LOVE. Door prize: Three lucky winners will each receive signed copies of SOMEBODY TO LOVE and CATCH OF THE DAY! Moderated by Sandi.   When? Tomorrow (Wednesday) night at 9:00PM Eastern time   Where? or go to and click on RRT CHAT at the upper right. Once login screen loads, just type your name and choose Mo's room from the chat room menu.   Hope to see you there!   Mo

A Perfect 10:

THE WITNESS - Nora Roberts A Perfect 10 G.P. Putnam's Sons (Hardcover) ISBN: 978-0-399-15912-1 April 2012 Romantic Suspense Chicago, Illinois; 2000 and Bickford, Arkansas; 2012 At sixteen, Elizabeth Fitch has just finished pre-med at Harvard and has lived, without complaint or choice, the life her mother designed for her. Then her summer off is cut short by her mother, Dr. Susan Fitch, who got Elizabeth admitted to the summer term for her own convenience. Once her mother leaves on a business trip, Elizabeth rebels by cutting off her hair and then heading to the mall where she runs into Julie, a girl she knew in high school. A whirlwind shopping spree, a couple of photos to make fake ID's with, and Elizabeth heads off for her first night of clubbing. The night ends horribly in bloodshed, and by the end of the summer, Elizabeth Fitch has disappeared. Brooks Gleason, chief of police in Bickford , Arkansas , likes puzzles, and Abigail Lowery is definitel

Q@A with Alexandria Infante!

Tell us about your newest release. Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn; Arieanna is a 7th grade history teacher. Being adopted at an early age Arieanna appreciates the value of family, even if she has no clue what her birth family is really like. Jenny and Harold are the only parents that she knows; and she’s just fine with that. Arie’s life right now seemed nearly complete. Her career was soaring, she had a family who adored her, and her students loved her. Life was simple and uncomplicated. That is until she met him. Unknown to Arieanna is the fact that Auron has been sent by a secret priesthood of St. Cisadore, and is actually there to protect her, the descendant of Ast’ at all cost.  Arieanna has no clue that a legend was foretold of a young woman being able to wield and use Ast`s infamous book of magick, and she certainly had no inkling that it would be her. Auron’s number one objective is to keep that book from entering the hands of the wrong people, in spite of t

Spotlight Review and a Giveaway: What Lies Beneath by Andrea Laurence

WHAT LIES BENEATH - Andrea Laurence Harlequin Desire #2152 ISBN: 978-0-373-73165-7 April 2012 Series Romance Manhattan, New York - Present Day It's been a month since the plane crash in which she was one of three survivors, but she still can't remember her life.   She doesn't remember anything about Cynthia Dempsey, society darling, or about the family and fiancĂ© that are by her bedside whenever she awakens.   With her face healed from the reconstructive surgeries necessary to restore her face, and her body mostly in working order, Cynthia is about to head home to the apartment she shares with Will Taylor, the fiancĂ© that she senses doesn't like her very much.   Once away from the hospital, Will wastes little time in informing her that the engagement was over. When she first woke up in the hospital, Will Taylor was surprised by the change in Cynthia.   Gone was the shrewish, demanding ice princess he had been engaged to, and while she's mor