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A Perfect 10:

DRINK DEEP – Chloe Neill
A Chicagoland Vampires Novel, Book Five
A Perfect 10
ISBN: 978-0-451-23486-5
November 2011
Urban Fantasy

Chicago, Illinois – Present Day

As if vampire Merit hasn't had a tough enough time in the past few months dealing with a political representative that seems to want to destroy her home, Cadogan House, now the river and waters of Lake Michigan have turned black. Of course, the city's superstitious and supernatural-hating brood have starting blaming vampires, and as House Sentinel, Merit takes up the task of figuring out the problem, and hopefully solving it before things get even worse.

Unfortunately for Merit, none of the city's supernatural creatures know any more about what's going on than she does, and tensions are high. When the sky turns a bleeding red, all signs are pointing to the end of the world. With the earth's elements out of balance, everything is turning on its head, and Merit is running out of options. It might be time for this Cadogan Sentinel to take a stand, and maybe do something drastic.

After the emotional ending of the previous novel, HARD BITTEN, Merit and readers alike have been left in turmoil. But Chicago isn't about to give Merit any time to deal with the pain. Horrible things are happening, and Merit just wants to get past her grief and move on to the next problem. But something, and someone in particular, is haunting her dreams, and each nightmare is worse than the previous one. Readers of the Chicagoland Vampires series will easily empathize with Merit's predicaments, because author Chloe Neill inspires that connection with her characters.

DRINK DEEP is another fabulous addition to the series, and with its fast paced plot and emotional roller coasters, it is well worth a Perfect 10 rating. Ms. Neill has the type of writing style that will really suck you in, and her characters are so real and wonderfully developed that a reader feels, as well as hopes, that they are truly walking around somewhere. It's no wonder the Chicagoland Vampires series has such a loyal following, and author Chloe Neill has made me join the ranks!

For full comprehension of the storyline, it is advised that interested readers start with book one in the series, SOME GIRLS BITE (APRIL 2009). However, the author does an excellent job with catching the audience up on the storyline if you wish to skip ahead. Be on the lookout for the next novel in the series, BITING COLD, coming August 2012.

Amanda Toth

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