Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Guest Blogger Lisa Dale: What Do You Keep?

What a thrill it is to be visiting here at RomRevToday. Back in 2009, one of my first ever guest blog spots was on this blog, and so there’s a soft spot in my heart for it—not only because it’s so nicely curated but because I feel a little like I cut my teeth here. I’m thankful to the RomRev ladies for offering such a great place for new writers and for readers too!

Of course, flash forward a few years, and my fourth novel, A PROMISE OF SAFEKEEPING, has just hit the shelves. I’m a little wiser now than I was before, I think! And my writing is always improving. I’m particularly excited about A PROMISE OF SAFEKEEPING.

Here’s the scoop:

Nine years ago, Lauren Matthews prosecuted the case of a lifetime. But her error in judgment sent an innocent man to prison. Now Arlen Fieldstone’s finally been released, and Lauren has only one thing on her mind: asking forgiveness. But how can she make up for nine years of his life?

To get to Arlen, Lauren must first get through Arlen’s best friend, Will Farris. Will hasn’t forgotten Lauren from those days, and hasn’t forgiven her for destroying his best friend’s life. He is Arlen’s keeper—protecting him from suspicious neighbors as well as from Lauren.

In the steaming summer streets of Richmond, Virginia, three people’s lives collide. Lauren needs forgiveness. Arlen needs hope. And Will? He needs something too, something that no one can know—especially not Lauren…

Like all of my books, the core of this novel is love. There are two love stories in this book. The first is between Lauren and Will. Will might be my favorite hero yet. He’s strong on the surface, but he has a deep vulnerability that I can’t give away here. When the book opens, every woman he’s ever dated has run away from him. He is wary of Lauren at first—with good reason, since she put his best friend in jail. But when he warms to her, he begins to wonder if she might be the one woman who is strong enough to bear his secret, if he can bring himself to tell it.

The second love story is between Arlen (the ex con), and the wife who divorced him when he was pronounced guilty and sent to jail. Although it seems as if his ex betrayed him, he never gave up on her and never stopped loving her. He worries that nine years is an unbridgeable distance and that he has no future with the woman he once loved. But there’s hope: As much as he’s thinking about Eula, she’s thinking about him.

A PROMISE OF SAFEKEEPING isn’t what I would call easy reading. Don’t get me wrong—it’s not War And Peace. But it is dramatic, strongly emotional, and it tugs on the heartstrings. If you like this kind of book, I do hope you’ll check out PROMISE.

And in the meantime, you can enter to win my previous novel, SLOW DANCING ON PRICE’S PIER, which was a Top Pick and Barnes & Noble was well as BookPage magazine.

All you have to do is answer this question (and have a U.S. mailing address).
In keeping with A PROMISE OF SAFEKEEPING’s themes of “keeping” and “hiding,” what antiques or other things do you collect?

Good wishes for a Happy New Year!
Lisa Dale


Laurie G said...

I've been collecting salt and pepper shakers since I was 10 years old. They're small, easily movable and come in a variety of styles. I started collecting them with my great aunt Anna. I now share searching for new ones with my daughter.

Estella said...

Promise sounds great!

I have been collecting hummingbird windchimes for about 20 years. Have close to 100.

Joanna Aislinn said...

I love baskets, books, "mercury glass" and porcelain dolls. Since my house is on the small side, I don't buy much of any right now--except I've switched to e-books, which take up no physical space, lol. Little by little, I'm trying to let go of these things. I need to declutter a little.

Best of luck with "Promise", Lisa. I love your writing!

Tracy said...

Well, I like to keep my promises, but besides that I like little boxes with hidden treasures and all sorts of things like feathers and rocks and shells that I pick up outside.