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A WEDDING WAGER by Jane Feathers

A WEDDING WAGER - Jane Feather
The Blackwater Brides Trilogy
Pocket Books
ISBN: 978-1-4391-4525-8
July 2011
Historical Romance

England - 1762

The only way for the Sullivan brothers to restore their family’s inheritance is for each of them to marry a fallen woman to appease their diabolical uncle, Viscount Bradley, the black sheep of the family who controls their future. Jasper, the eldest brother, has wed an appropriate wife, and, as the Earl of Blackwater, he hopes that his younger twin brothers will soon step up and find their wives.

For three years, Sebastian Sullivan has carried the wounds of a lost love, and suddenly she is back in London. Despite Serena’s rebuff of his love, Sebastian’s feelings have come rushing back. But does Serena feel the same?

Lady Serena Grantley may have been born to nobility, but her stepfather, General Heyward, has destroyed any semblance of honor in her life with their gambling lifestyle. After three years on the continent, they are back in London where the general has set them up in yet another gambling hell. Serena is stunned to see Sebastian there one night, and equally upset that her feelings for him have not abated. Hoping to keep Sebastian at bay, Serena realizes he is her only hope once her stepfather proposes to end their money woes by handing her over to an earl who desires her as his mistress.

Sebastian must come up with a plan to restore the love between him and Serena, keep her safe, and convince his uncle that she is the fallen woman for him. There are other factors playing into their relationship, including a young heiress whom the general is pursuing, the general’s growing frustration with Serena’s refusal to become the earl’s mistress, and the worry that the viscount will die before Sebastian and his twin find appropriate spouses.

Part of the Blackwater Brides trilogy (the first, about Jasper, is RUSHED TO THE ALTAR), A WEDDING WAGER is a romantic, exciting tale set in Georgian England. Sebastian and Serena, in denial of their love at first, come together to solve their dilemmas, as well as to help the young girl avoid the clutches of the general who is growing desperate.

Wonderful characters, realistic dialogue, and a riveting plot made this a page turner, especially the last few chapters! A thoroughly enjoyable novel. I’m looking forward to reading Peregrine’s story next.

Jani Brooks

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