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Billionaires and Babies Series
Harlequin Desire #2097
ISBN: 978-0-373-73110-7
July 2011
Series Romance

Palo Alto, California – Present Day

With an important business deal needing to be finalized, billionaire Jonathon Bagdon really needs his personal assistant back to work. Due to a family emergency, Wendy Leland has been out of the office. Now she returns…with a baby in tow. After the untimely death of her cousin Bitsy, Wendy was named the guardian of her baby, Peyton. Her family isn’t happy with the news, as they feel she is not fit to be a stand-in mother, so Wendy has decided to move back to Texas for the custody battle. But Jonathon has a better idea: he’ll marry Wendy and provide an instant family for her and Peyton.

Wendy has secretly had a crush on her boss, but marry him? Granted, marriage to a wealthy man who is a steady rock in the business community will win her brownie points with a judge, but isn’t Jonathon going a little too far to make sure Wendy doesn’t leave her job? She reluctantly agrees, but goes in with the knowledge that it’s in name only. Of course, close quarters leads to close encounters. The attraction builds between them, but Jonathon is determined to keep her at arm’s length. Will Wendy get to keep Peyton and not lose her heart to Jonathon in the end?

A tiny, four month old baby is the catalyst that brings together Jonathon and Wendy in THE TYCOON’S TEMPORARY BABY. Wendy was raised in wealth, but by a family bent on controlling the lives of its members. Wendy rebelled and went on to declare her independence by going to work for Jonathon and his partners at FMJ. Years of working for Jonathon has her dedicated to her job, yet she’s willing to give it all up to win permanent custody of Peyton. When Jonathon offers to marry her, Wendy knows it is because he values her as an employee, not because he wants to marry her. Marriage means moving in together, and this closeness provides an opportunity for them to really get to know each other. But Jonathon has a problem with personal relationships and pushes Wendy away. Alas, into their lives come first her relatives, then his. Now they have to pretend they’re truly in love or face either Wendy losing Peyton or Jonathon losing the best assistant he’s ever had. Will he ever open his heart and soul to Wendy and accept her love—and give his heart to her in return? Jonathon is a hard nut to crack, but Wendy has the ability.

In THE TYCOON’S TEMPORARY BABY, we see firsthand Jonathon’s reluctance to give in to his growing feelings for Wendy, yet he soon grows to care for Peyton. A lot of it has to do with his background, which is explored in this tale. Mixed in with the emotion and passion is a bit of humor. Readers will chuckle, cry, and come to love Wendy, Jonathon and Peyton.

For a truly engaging read, pick up THE TYCOON’S TEMPORARY BABY.

Patti Fischer

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