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Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor, Book 3
ISBN: 978-0-373-77582-8
July 2011
Romantic Suspense

Ohio and Kentucky – Present Day

For months, Jackson Savor and Alani Rivers have circled each other like cats ready to pounce on the other, with neither wanting to make the first move. But one fateful morning Jackson wakes up in bed next to a beautiful naked woman…Alani. It’s clear they’ve finally done the deed, but he doesn’t have any memory of it. Turns out he was drugged by an unknown person and it left him hornier than an animal in heat. Alani just happened to be there when he started feeling the effects and, well, she could no longer resist him. While Jackson struggles to remember what happened—and who could be responsible—the bigger question remains...why?

Alani hasn’t wanted to admit that she’s attracted to Jackson. After all, he’s as stubborn and macho as her brother Trace, who still treats her like a child. Even more so after her horrifying kidnapping months ago that ended in no harm to her, but left her life forever changed. While she’s trying hard to prove she’s over the ordeal, deep down she admits she wants to find the culprits as bad as her brother and his friends Jackson and Dare want to. But right now her immediate focus is on Jackson, who now has turned into her protector and wants to whisk her away from any potential danger and explore just exactly what went on during their night together. Or rather, he wants to pick up where they left off. Meanwhile, it soon becomes clear someone is after one of them, and Jackson will do whatever it takes to protect Alani.

We first met Alani in WHEN YOU DARE, where Alani was rescued from the human traffickers. In TRACE OF FEAR, we learned that Jackson and Alani seemed to get on each other’s nerves, though we suspected there was more to it. In SAVOR THE DANGER, we realize it’s because they have the hots for each other. And boy, do they have some scorching encounters that start out hot and heavy in the sexy opening scene with Jackson waking up in bed with both Alani and him naked. Of course, the immediate question is what happened the night before. Jackson is frustrated because he can’t remember, and Alani is miffed because he can’t. Jackson is hot on the trail of the investigation while wooing Alani on the side.

The sizzling chemistry between Jackson and Alani steams up SAVOR THE DANGER and their lively banter keeps the pages moving fast. Jackson’s background is a bit of a mystery, but slowly and surely each layer of his personality is pulled apart until we understand what makes him tick. Alani pretends to not know what goes on with Jackson, Trace, or Dare, but you can bet she’s not going to just sit back and let them do it all. She proves to everyone that she’s capable of taking care of herself and living her life the way she wants. Especially if it involves falling in love with Jackson, despite her brother’s objections and Jackson’s declaration that he’s not ready to settle down. It doesn’t take Alani long to change Jackson’s mind.

From start to finish, SAVOR THE DANGER is chock-full of adventure and suspense, as well as some sizzling love scenes between Alani and Jackson. While readers might be able to read this as a standalone, I highly recommend that each title be read in order to fully understand the characters and their actions. If you’ve been waiting for Jackson’s story (especially after TRACE OF FEVER) then you won’t be disappointed. Jackson is that rare blend of alpha man and hot sexy lover, and Alani gets the full force of his personality. I’d have to say that I envy her. For an intense, enjoyable tale to savor as one would a fine wine, I highly recommend SAVOR THE DANGER.

Patti Fischer

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