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ISBN 13: 978-1-4201-1842-1
ISBN 10: 1-4201-1842-0
July 2011
Historical Romance

Broadhaven, near Sussex Coast, England - 1793

Viscount Barnaby Joslyn, an American, has just inherited his title and his new estate, Windmere. How did he find himself in the English Channel on the verge of drowning in the freezing water? Luckily he sees planks of wood floating in the water from what used to be his yacht and is able to climb aboard. He is rescued by a fisherman running contraband from France, and is taken to The Crown where Emily Townsend takes care of him. The last he remembers is being on his way to Windmere; is someone trying to kill him?

Emily sneaks out a few nights a week for her smuggling activities. She and her friends have a small smuggling operation. Will Nolles and his group of smugglers work most of the Sussex coast and don’t like anyone infringing on their business, so it could be dangerous for Emily and her small band. Emily’s cousin, Jeffrey, gambled away all the money from the estate, and Emily has to care for her great aunt, Cornelia, and young stepmother, Anne, as well as the poor in the village—smuggling seemed to be the only way she could support them. Jeffrey is trying to find marriages for her and her stepmother to be rid of them. Emily is determined to protect them both. Mr. Ainsworth, a lecherous friend of Jeffrey’s, plans to marry Anne. He needs to marry to inherit a fortune, and Jeffrey has promised to accommodate him in order to pay off the debts he owes him.

Barnaby sends for his servant, John Lamb, and asks him to bring his clothes to The Crown. Lamb is the illegitimate son of Barnaby’s grandfather, a handsome man, more friend than servant to Barnaby. Barnaby’s three cousins, Mathew, Thomas, and Simon are not happy that Barnaby has inherited the Joslyn wealth and vast estates, but Barnaby can’t believe they could be trying to kill him. He feels an instant attraction to Emily.

RAPTURE BECOMES HER is a romance with a bit of action and mystery. Who is trying to kill Barnaby and how can he keep Emily, Anne, and Cornelia safe from Jeffrey’s manipulations? Emily is a strong character determined to keep timid Anne safe. Barnaby is a forceful character. He and Lamb have a special relationship like equals, even though Lamb protects and cares for Barnaby. The story moves along at a good pace with a bit of danger always lurking in the background, with someone trying to kill Barnaby, Emily’s smuggling activities, and Jeffrey’s mischief. One of the worst of the characters is Ainsworth, who will do whatever it takes to get a wife.

Readers will find RAPTURE BECOMES HER an entertaining and romantic tale from Shirlee Busbee, an author who has given us a lot of good reading over the years.

Marilyn Heyman

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