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NIGHT VEIL by Yasmine Galenorn

NIGHT VEIL - Yasmine Galenorn
An Indigo Court Novel, Book 2
ISBN: 978-0-425-24204-9
July 2011
Paranormal Romance

New Forest, Washington - Present Day

Winter has come to stay in the area surrounding New Forest, Washington, thanks to Myst, Queen of Winter, Mistress of Mayhem, and Queen of the Indigo Court. Centuries ago, the vampires tried to turn Myst, an Unseelie, but the result was a monster who went on to create the Vampiric Fae. Cicely Waters, upon her return to New Forest, banded together with some witches and the vampires to save the town from Myst, but things once again did not go as planned. Her aunt, Heather, along with her soul mate, Grieve, were captured by Myst, and Cicely is now indentured to the vampires, specifically the sadistic Lannan Altos.

Cicely and Grieve are true soul mates, bound together through several lifetimes, and she had just begun to remember their previous incarnations when Grieve was lost to her. She literally feels his pain as he struggles to free himself from Myst, and from the light-hunger that is now infecting the Vampiric Fae. In addition to that, Cicely is learning to deal with the fact that she is an owl shapeshifter in addition to being magic-born, and still trying to find her way through the terrifying bargain she made with Lannan and the vampires. Then, her friend Kaylin’s demon begins to wake, and Cicely will have to travel through the Indigo Court to get help for him. What had once been the idyllic haven of her childhood has now turned into hell on earth, and Cicely needs to figure out how to navigate it and whom to trust before it’s too late to save New Haven from Myst and her Indigo Court.

Yasmine Galenorn has created a fascinating world with her Indigo Court series, but one that may be confusing if NIGHT VEIL is the book you start with. This second book begins right where the first, NIGHT MYST, left off, so if you haven’t read that first, it may take a bit to figure out everything and everybody in this world. Cicely’s mother was also magic-born, but frightened of her powers, she left New Forest, living a nomadic life and dragging Cicely along for the ride. Cicely learned at a young age how to survive and take care of her mother, always wishing she could stay in New Forest with her family: her aunt, Heather, and cousin, Rhiannon, as well as Grieve and Chatter, good friends. As she got older, Cicely’s feelings for Grieve changed, but when he asked her to stay and be with him, she couldn’t leave her mother. Coming home was supposed to be a joyful reunion, but with Myst encroaching on the area, that reunion turned into a nightmare. She’s made friends with the magic-born in her cousin’s circle of friends, and has an uneasy alliance with the vampire council, walking a fine line thanks to the contract she has with them, but unhappy with the deal she was forced to make.

As war is upon them, NIGHT VEIL is pretty much non-stop action from beginning to end, but most of it is within the group of allies. Cicely’s goals are to free Grieve from Myst and then take down Myst, but before long she learns that others in her group have agendas of their own. Can Cicely learn to navigate this new world before it’s too late to save herself? Pick up NIGHT VEIL and find out.

Jennifer Bishop

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