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HEIRESS IN LOVE by Christina Brooke

HEIRESS IN LOVE - Christina Brooke
The Ministry of Marriage, Book 1
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-0-312-53412-7
July 2011
Historical Romance

The Cotswolds, England 1814

Jane, Lady Roxdale, is in mourning. Her husband from a marriage arranged by the Ministry of Marriage is dead. While sorry for his passing, she is not interested in another marriage, at least not an arranged one. It seems, though, that everybody she knows is interested in designing another such merger. When her husband's will tries to break the entailment of the estate by bankrupting the new lord, giving him the land of the Lazenby estate but the money to her, she agrees to an engagement to save people living on the estate. What she truly wants is to save her charge, another distant nephew of her husband, the six-year-old boy Luke, whom she loves like a son.

Society deems Constantine Black, the new Lord Roxdale, a scoundrel—a selfish, philandering drunkard. He falls in love with Jane at first sight, although he doesn't recognize the emotion. He also wants something different; something more from her than anyone has given him before. It doesn't take Constantine too long to discover everything is not as it should be on the estate, and he sets out to prove himself both capable of running the estate and loving Jane.

The reader might wonder while reading HEIRESS IN LOVE who is the real cad, for there are many secrets to be unraveled. This excellent story will entertain all readers of historical romance. The hero and heroine are captivating; the situation twists and turns in unforeseen ways, and secondary characters play an important part, especially those impeccable individuals involved in the Ministry of Marriage.

Robin Lee

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