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GREEN-EYED ENVY byy Kasey Mackenzie

GREEN-EYED ENVY - Kasey Mackenzie
A Shades of Fury Novel, Book 2
ISBN: 978-0-441-02049-2
July 2011
Urban Fantasy

Boston, Massachusetts - Present Day

Riss Hollaway has just been promoted to the Chief Magical Investigator of Boston. She also just reunited with an old and hot flame, Scott Murphy; a war-hound who often does mercenary work for the police department. To top it all off she was reunited with her mother, found her sister's killer, and gained a "new" baby brother. Sounds like Riss's life is going great, right? Sure. That is if you don't count the fact that her mentor was a psychopath, she managed to piss off the head of the Sisterhood, and she has the very first arcane serial killer to track down. Yeah, everything is peachy.

When Cats start to turn up dead (which is odd considering they have ninety nine lives), their long time enemy, the war-hounds, are the first suspects. As the case grows deeper and Riss and Scott discover the victims’ links and common threads, the plot thickens, and Chief Hollaway will let nothing stand in her way. With her friends and Scott by her side, Riss knows she can tackle anything.

No one knows how to write a fantasy, mystery and suspense quite like Kasey Mackenzie. GREEN-EYED ENVY is action-packed with new twists around every corner. Readers get more of the sexy and snarky Fury everyone loves along with her mouth-watering war-hound, Scott. Other characters from RED HOT FURY (2010) make appearances as well. The roles from side characters such as Trinity, Harper, and many more help make this novel even better!

The mystery involves the very first arcane serial killer. Every chapter and every page discloses something new to the reader and Riss. Readers will not see anything coming and will be left guessing until the very end. Ms. Mackenzie truly knows how to keep fans on their toes! The story is engaging, fast paced, and loads of fun. Some questions are left unanswered, and there are a few plot holes that I wish had been plugged. Overall, though, Kasey Mackenzie writes one of the best fantasy suspense books on the market.

Fans of the first book in the series, RED HOT FURY, will not be disappointed. Readers who felt that the previous novel was lacking will find that GREEN-EYED ENVY is void of many of those inconsistencies. While readers do not have to read the books in order, getting to know the characters and their pasts ahead of time makes this second novel more smooth and enjoyable. There are also some references to previous events readers will not want to miss. Mystery, suspense, and even a little romance; what more do you need? Fans of Kelly Meding's Dead series and Kim Harrison's The Hollows are sure to love this new addition to the fantasy world.


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