Wednesday, July 20, 2011

EMBRACED BY BLOOD by Laurie London

A Sweetblood Novel – Book 2
ISBN: 978-0-373-77586-6
June 2011
Paranormal Romance

Seattle, Washington – Present Day

Life isn’t easy for former double agent Alfonso Serrano. Hunted by a blood assassin for not only giving away Darkblood secrets to the good guys, but killing a very important Darkblood leader, Alfonso must remain ever vigilant and in the shadows. But when he hears news that Darkbloods are on the hunt for a Tracker, a vampire with an extraordinary sense of smell, Alfonso begins to worry about his former love, Lily.

As the best Tracker in the Agency, Lily knows how to take care of herself. So when her former flame Alfonso steps back in the picture to guard her, she doesn’t feel anything but mad. Mad, and unable to deny the fact that he can still force her to feel such heavy emotions even after all these years. When Lily and Alfonso begin working together to stop the local Darkbloods from massacring humans, and to defeat Alfonso’s assassin, they soon realize they are far stronger together than they could ever be apart.

The second book in the Sweetblood series, EMBRACED BY BLOOD is a fast paced story, one where you really root for the main characters. Alfonso has had a tough life in the past few years, giving up the woman he loved, partly to keep her safe, but also because he didn’t want her to see him broken. Add to that loss, his own brother doesn’t want anything to do with him, nor does he believe that Alfonso hasn’t been a true Darkblood, but has been risking his life to pass secrets along to the Agency. All this has left Alfonso a suitably jaded character, and it was a true pleasure watching how Lily changed him.

Many little touches in this novel made this story and this version of vampires unique. The idea of Sweetbloods, humans with certain blood types that vampires find irresistible, is not new by itself, but how the Darkbloods are planning to use these humans for their big celebration, as well as how the Darkbloods used a computer game to attract new blood-drinking clients, felt incredibly fresh in a genre that has become a little repetitive in the last few years.

While reading the previous novel in the series is not required, I believe it would be beneficial in helping the audience truly grasp Alfonso’s relationship, or lack thereof, with his brother. So, therefore, be sure to check out BONDED BY BLOOD (JAN 2011), as well as the e-novella HIDDEN BY BLOOD (JUN 2011). And be on the lookout for the A VAMPIRE FOR CHRISTMAS anthology (OCT 2011) featuring a Sweetblood novella, and the next book in the series, TEMPTED BY BLOOD, coming FEB 2012.

Amanda Toth

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