Sunday, July 10, 2011

DEED TO DEATH by D.B. Henson

DEED TO DEATH – D. B. Henson
ISBN: 978-1-4516-4960-4
July 2011

Nashville, Tennessee, Present Day

Today should be Toni Matthews’s wedding day. Instead she is burying her fiancé, Scott. Scott was a successful architect, his business was doing well, and they were happy. Not able to wrap her mind around what has happened, Toni can’t accept the fact that Scott jumped off a high rise building and committed suicide. Money was not an issue. Scott was worth more than twelve million dollars. The facts that are presented to her by the police just don’t ring true. Wanting to see where it happened, she goes to the job site and, as she rides up in the elevator, she finds Scott’s pen. Was he in the elevator? Silly as it sounds Toni knows Scott always had his pen with him. This small find plants the seed of doubt in her mind.

Friends attempt to comfort Toni, but when she voices concern over Scott’s death, nobody will listen to her. Is she seeing shadows were there are none? Mark, her best friend and attorney, informs her that Brian, Scott’s brother, is going to contest the will. Will she lose the home she and Scott had built?

Toni discovers that Brian is in deep financial trouble, and after unveiling his lies, she is convinced that Brian murdered Scott. With so much conflicting information, Toni begins to wonder if she knew her fiancé at all. Was Scott keeping secrets?

DEED TO DEATH is an excellent mystery. The plot is filled with many unforeseen twists and turns. The main protagonist, Toni, is in a fragile state. She has no family to surround her and discovers everyone is not who they seem to be. Yet she refuses to give up her quest to find the truth.

I believe D. B. Henson has great potential as a writer, and I look forward to seeing more of her work.

Deborah C Jackson

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