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Gallery Books
ISBN-13: 978-1-4165-6266-5
July 2011
Paranormal Romance

London, England – Early 1800’s

Nicolai Lazlaric had almost died as the result of a fire in the family house over twenty years ago, but he was turned into a vampire, destined to live his life with a blood lust that never lets up. It’s taken him this long to have some sort of control of himself, and now as Dominick Janou he has returned to London to find and totally destroy the person that changed him. He lives for his revenge…

Senna Landseth lives by her wits on the street, telling fortunes, reading tarot cards, using sleight of hand to get money from unsuspecting people. But she feels her time is running out and wants to find something else to do before the streets kill her or turn her into a prostitute. She’s a schemer and a gambler, but sleeping in doorways and alleyways is getting old, and the poor house seems her destiny. Senna’s idea, which she will sometimes curse, is to write a pretend letter from a solicitor to a wealthy family and say she is their poor relation and needs a home—everybody has a poor relation they take in, why not Senna? Except, the family she chooses to send her letter to is the Countess Lazlaric and her son Charles.

The Countess Lazlaric is determined that her son Charles will shape up to marry and give her an heir immediately, if not sooner. Most girls who know Charles stay away from him, as he does have his problems with how he treats women, and the letter from a young lady saying she is a relative of the Countess’s late husband is just fate. She will give her a week to get to know Charles and a quick marriage and bedding can ensure a child. After planting the seed, Charles can then leave and do whatever he does that the Countess doesn’t want to know about. Senna comes and stays several days and learns what plan the Countess and Charles have for her, and the weird things that are going on. One afternoon she comes in and sees the Countess at the table with various small animals in front of her eating them, blood everywhere. Whatever is going on Senna wants none of it, and somehow she immediately wakes up in London in the carriage park.

Nicolai has made himself into a bat and watches what his mother and half-brother Charles are up to, sometimes becoming a mist in the room. He knows their evil plans and takes Senna out of their house; he has other plans for her. He will seduce and plant his seed in her, and do whatever he can to spite his mother.

In the London park, Senna is taken in by Lady Madalina Augustine, in whose mind Dominick has planted the idea that Senna is her ward. Now Senna is living the life of ease she always wanted, but the lies keep increasing and she knows her house of cards must soon tumble. But at night, Dominick enters Senna’s room as a mist, covers her, bites her ear and drinks her blood, the better to bond her to him, but soon his lust for her blood is almost uncontrollable. When people in London start being murdered and it looks as if a vampire is doing it, the whole town is up in arms searching for the culprit. Could it be Dominick?

Thea Devine has gone to the dark side in THE DARKEST HEART, entering the vampire world where Dominick hates the blood lust inside him, but must roam the city looking for people to sate his desires. Told from Senna’s point of view and Dominick's, mostly as a mist or bat, we enter his world, the world that he hates.

The people who complete this wild and different story are the Countess Lazlaric, looking for a grandchild. Charles is Nicolai’s half brother and, while not a vampire, is certainly different. Lady Madalina Augustine takes Senna in as her ward, and when her son Peter arrives in town he wonders what is up with Senna, his mother certainly had no ward that he knew of. But Senna and Dominick fill their world with their lust, and Dominick soon becomes obsessed with planting his seed in Senna, as often as possible.

THE DARKEST HEART enters the world of the vampire and how Dominick is still trying to come to terms with his change all those years ago. Senna comes to love him and decides she will do whatever it takes to remain with him. Excitement and dark happenings fill this story with a lot of blood and death. Read it if you dare!

CeCe Johns

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