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THE CREED LEGACY by Linda Lael Miller

THE CREED LEGACY - Linda Lael Miller
The Creed Cowboys – Book 3
July 2011
ISBN: 978-0-373-77600-9
Contemporary Romance

Lonesome Bend, Colorado – Present Day

Brody Creed is back on the family ranch, right under his twin brother’s nose, and causing trouble. Growing up, Brody and Conner pulled the usual twin-type stunts, but when Brody stole Conner’s girl they quit talking. Conner stays home on the ranch, doing what needs to be done, but Brody likes the excitement of new places, people, and things. Years back, he couldn’t think of anything worse than punching cattle and fixing fences, and it was the lure of the rodeo that drew him away. Brody has been gone too many years to count. And Conner doesn’t believe that he’ll stay this time, either.

Herds of horses and cattle are arriving by the truckload at the Creed ranch, and Conner is angry at his brother. Sure, the property is half Brody’s, but Conner doesn’t believe that Brody means to do his half of the work. Conner believes that Brody will be gone before anyone has time to blink. And Brody? Well, he isn’t going anywhere. He bought his sister-in-law’s property right across the river, and he’s in the process of building himself a huge house. He wants to settle down with a wife and perhaps a few children someday, and maybe, if he can get Carolyn Simmons to speak to him, they can take up where they left off. The rodeo isn’t what kept him away for so many years. Brody lost a family once, and all that heartache and pain is too hard to share, even with his twin brother. Maybe, if he can learn to deal with the past, he just might be able to find a future with Carolyn, if she’ll have him.

Carolyn Simmons fell in love with Brody Creed years ago. They spent two weeks making love and planning their future, and then one morning, she woke up to an empty bed and a goodbye note. He said he was sorry. Even after all these years, Carolyn hasn’t been able to mend the broken heart Brody left behind. Now he’s asking for another chance? No way; he’s been cavorting around town with Conner’s old girl, Joleen, and Carolyn is spitting mad. How dare he! All the pleading in the world won’t mend the heartache Brody caused. In fact, Carolyn should date other men, and that online dating service she signed up for is throwing them her way like crazy. She certainly won’t have time for Brody Creed!

Is it too late for Carolyn and Brody? Brody doesn’t think so, and THE CREED LEGACY isn’t the only thing that drew him back to Lonesome Bend. Yes, he has roots here, but it was a dream named Carolyn that made him buy that property across the river. He knows he has a long way to go before he can think about settling down to a life with a family, but if he can just get Carolyn to speak to him, it might be a start.

THE CREED LEGACY is the third and final in the trilogy about The Creed Cowboys, following CREED’S HONOR (June 2011), and A CREED IN STONE CREEK (March 2011). Secondary characters are dynamic and round out the story, with tie-ins to the other Creed, McKettrick, and O’Ballivan characters looming strong. When Brody and Conner’s parents died, their Uncle Davis and his wife Kim raised the boys on the ranch that would be theirs someday. Their cousin, Davis’s son Steven, recently moved to Stone Creek. Conner’s wife, Tricia, is pregnant with their first child. Carolyn works in Tricia’s small boutique and lives upstairs in Natty McCall’s old house. She wants to put down roots, maybe find a home that is her own, instead of house-sitting other people’s homes. Carolyn loves working with Tricia, and she loves the Creed horses, but now that she runs into Brody every time she goes to the ranch, she might think about giving up one of her favorite activities. Brody decides that riding is just the way to get to Carolyn; at least if she accompanies him across the ranch on horseback, she’ll have to speak to him once in a while during the ride!

The next book from Ms. Miller takes us to Blue River, Texas, and the story of Clay McKettrick: A LAWMAN’S CHRISTMAS (October 2011), a new gift hardcover. Meanwhile, THE CREED LEGACY wraps up the story of Steven, Conner, and Brody and gives us a look into the Creed’s of Colorado. Carolyn and Brody have a lot to work through before they can find their way back to each other and, maybe, a future together. Obstacles are in the way, mainly Brody’s guilt over the past and Carolyn’s insecurities in her own life. You won’t want to miss any of their story!

THE CREED LEGACY is a top notch novel, full of love, passion, and forgiveness. It’s just the perfect read for sitting in the shade (or inside with air conditioning), and a glass of iced tea in the July or August heat!

Diana Risso

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I am reading book two as we speak. I can't wait to read Brody's story.. I think LLM left the best for last..