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COWBOY UP by Vicki Lewis Thompson

COWBOY UP – Vicki Lewis Thompson
Sons of Chance, Book 5
Harlequin Blaze #624
ISBN: 978-0-373-79628-1
July 2011
Series Romance

Last Chance Ranch – Present Day

After watching her parents’ divorce years ago, the last thing Emily Sterling wants is to get involved with a cowboy. But visiting her father at the Last Chance Ranch where he works, she encounters sexy cowboy Clay Whitaker. When he takes his shirt off…oh, my! Clay is as charming as any cowboy should be, yet he treats her with a bit of reserve. After all, he’s close to Emily’s father, Emmett, and both Clay and Emily are aware that their getting into a sexual relationship is treading on dangerous waters. But the temptation is too much to resist…

Clay thinks Emily is a spoiled, flighty woman who doesn’t want to work and instead sponges off her father’s generosity, and yet, he’s surprised at her hard work and the genuine love she has for her father. While working on a surprise birthday for her father, Clay and Emily are given the opportunity for some sexual shenanigans, and they certainly enjoy them—and each other. They get along great, yet Emily is afraid to look beyond a vacation fling, as her mother has ingrained into her head that while cowboys make good lovers, they aren’t good marriage material. And Clay thinks city bred Emily couldn’t handle the harsh life on a ranch. Are they destined to only have a few days together?

Oh, boy, nobody creates a sexy cowboy better than Vicki Lewis Thompson! Clay is hardworking and dedicated to his job on the Last Chance Ranch. He thinks the world of Emmett, and when he gets his first glimpse of the grownup Emily, he’s thrown for a loop at the intense desire for her he experiences. She can’t be anyone he should ever get involved with, nor can he expect any kind of future with her. She’s only around for Emmett’s birthday. Yet, together they are as combustible as gasoline and fire, with both fighting the temptation for fear of getting singed. Their hot chemistry rocks the pages of COWBOY UP, and add in the fast paced track of their relationship, you’re in for a sexy, fun read. They try hard (well, not that hard) to not get involved, but when they do, you’re in for a treat. I had a good chuckle at the condom scene that took a couple pages or more in COWBOY UP, and I bet you will too. If you’re a reader of ultra hot sensual tales, then I highly recommend you pick up this tale.

Another tale related to the Sons of Chance series, COWBOY UP can be read alone, but I recommend picking up the rest of the series to better understand the characters as they interact with each other. For a superbly entertaining read, grab yourself a copy of COWBOY UP.

Patti Fischer

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