Sunday, July 10, 2011


A Debutante Detective Mystery, Book 1
Five Star
ISBN: 978-1-43282-528-7
June 2011
Romantic Suspense

Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas – Present Day

Aspen Wicklow is as an investigative reporter for station WBFD-TV. She has just been promoted to the anchor position. Before her first assignment, she is arrested after shooting a coyote that attacked and killed her pug, Stir Fry. Nosy neighbor Gretchen Pendleton called the police and insists Aspen is dangerous. Aspen recognizes a cop who got suspended after she aired a piece called Asleep at the Wheel. Oh no, this is not good. Later, while she waits for her turn to see the judge, Aspen hears the charges against her just as her boss, Gordon Pfeiffer, storms into the courtroom and comes to her rescue.

Back at the station, Gordon pulls her off the anchor desk. He assigns her to investigate the old Kirk house. Two young brothers were murdered there, and the house was set on fire. Screams are still heard, with lights flickering from the house. Her back-up is the newest intern, Dainty Prescott. Great.

The spooky old house isn’t empty. Aspen meets a young Goth girl called Paper Cut. Later, Paper Cut informs them she is an undercover cop and is on the job. A young pregnant Goth girl was murdered, and the child was cut out of her body. Aspen’s senses go on high alert.

At the same time, Aspen’s boyfriend, Sheriff Spike Granger, is starting his re-election campaign. Besides a prickly sense of humor, a waist that is expanding and a bald spot, he is a good guy. This year he isn’t sure if he can win the election. His competition is stiff. Neil Lindstrom, ex-best best friend, has big bucks behind him, and Spike’s ex wife, Dallas.

COUPLE GUNNED DOWN-NEWS AT TEN is a fast paced, entertaining story. There is so much going on. Subplots pull in every direction with unforeseen twists and turns. Aspen is frustrated at all the road blocks, but will she put her life at risk to get her story? Trusty sidekick Dainty is not just a bimbo blonde. Aspen is stunned when Dainty informs her she has opened her own detective agency. Lots of secondary characters offer a quirky view of the behind scenes of a news room.

What can I say; this story was tough to read because I couldn’t stop laughing at the zany characters. This is a jewel, with the slap stick antics and yet a deadly mystery that needs to be solved. Buckle up folks, this tale will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Deborah C Jackson

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