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CAN'T HURRY LOVE by Christie Ridgway

CAN’T HURRY LOVE – Christie Ridgway
Three Kisses, Book 3
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-24210-0
July 2011
Contemporary Romance

Edenville, California – Present Day

As the oldest sister, Guiliana “Jules” Baci is the one in charge of helping to bring their family winery back from the brink of failure. With a big gala weekend touted as a “renewal of marriage vows” just around the corner, the last thing they need are distractions. But with her apartment destroyed in a fire and her car totaled in a hit and run, Guiliana feels the gods are against her. It doesn’t help that her adversary and next door neighbor, Liam Bennett, is right there to offer his assistance. For the past year since she returned to run the Tanti Baca winery after her father’s death, Liam has been in her hair. Tormenting and tantalizing her. When they were young adults, Guiliana and Liam fell in love and spent one magical summer together in Tuscany, Italy. Unfortunately, something happened that splintered them apart, and they haven’t been able to repair the damage.

Liam circles Guiliana like an eagle does its prey. He’s annoyed that Jules seems to have pushed him away and, instead, prefers the company of her winery manager, Kohl Friday. She’s stubborn and sends Liam dirty looks whenever he is around. He tries to shrug it off, but still something draws him to her. He offers her a chance to stay at his house after the fire, but she’d rather sleep on a lumpy loveseat in her office. Liam knows Jules is trying to avoid him and the past. Of course, he knows there is more to what’s between them than a summer in Tuscany. Can he break through the wall she has erected and get her to see that she can’t hide from the past? Can she accept the help he has offered her?

In CAN’T HURRY LOVE, Guiliana and Liam have spent the past ten years keeping secrets from their family. The upcoming “vows renewal” weekend is threatening to expose the past, and Guiliana will do whatever it takes to prevent this from happening. Liam understands her pain, yet he wonders if it would be better if their families knew the truth. They both get distracted when mysterious things begin to happen, starting with the fire in Guiliana’s apartment, then a break-in at the sacred cottage belonging to the Baci family. Are they related? Is someone out to make sure the Baci sisters don’t succeed in bringing the winery back from the brink of financial ruin?

Meanwhile, the year that Guiliana and her sisters gave themselves to bring the winery back into profitable status is nearly up. A bridal television show is showing interest in their weekend, which will bring them a tremendous amount of publicity. Guiliana is fearful that if her sisters found out her secrets, it would destroy their plans. Liam feels the numbness of always being the one to keep secrets and finding they destroy his happiness. Of course, by the time the secret is revealed in CAN’T HURRY LOVE, you’ll figure out what the hush-hush is all about. With Liam in the background, Guiliana knows he has the ammunition to blow everything sky high. She has used Kohl as a shield this past year, but even his presence can’t prevent her feelings about Liam from percolating again. Soon, the former lovers find the passion boiling over.

As the final tale in the Three Kisses trilogy by Christie Ridgway, readers are treated to a secondary story that involves Kohl and Grace, a pourer in the winery tasting room. Grace recently divorced, and her abusive ex is popping up, hoping to get her to come back to him. Kohl begins to feel things about her that he’s never experienced before. He’ll do whatever it takes to protect the women in his life—both Guiliana and Grace. Also present in CAN’T HURRY LOVE are Guiliana’s sisters, Alessandro and Stevie. One sister has big news, yet it brings back pain for Guiliana. Liam may be the only one who can help her.

CAN’T HURRY LOVE is packed with emotion and laughter as we begin to understand the relationship between Guiliana and Liam. The old passion and desire still burns hotly between them, making it clear it isn’t over yet. Will they find the happiness they should have had ten years ago? Grab a hanky and a glass of wine as we find out the answers in CAN’T HURRY LOVE.

Patti Fischer

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I have this book on my shelf.. I have read the other two books and Christie is an auto buy for me always..