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BODYGUARDS IN BED by Lucy Monroe, Jamie Denton, Elisabeth Naughton

BODYGUARDS IN BED - Lucy Monroe, Jamie Denton, Elisabeth Naughton
ISBN: 978-0-7582-1033-3
June 2011
Contemporary Romance Anthology

Being a bodyguard is a serious job, and in these stories, the bodyguards take a very hands-on approach to keeping their clients safe.

Who’s Been Sleeping in My Brother’s Bed - Lucy Monroe
Boston, Massachusetts and New York - Present Day

While her apartment is undergoing repairs, Danusia Chernichenko decides to stay at her brother Roman’s apartment. Met at the door by Maxwell Baker, Danusia figures she’s found the perfect distraction from the problems in her life right now. Working on her thesis, Danusia’s found some irregularities that are a bit confusing, plus her apartment was broken into. She first met Max at her sister’s wedding and has been intrigued by this very hot co-worker of Roman’s, now she just has to persuade him to help her forget her troubles.

Danusia has been self-sufficient since going across the country to attend college at thirteen, and asking for help isn’t something she’s comfortable doing. Asking for mind-blowing sex from the hottest guy she’s ever met is something totally different though, and she has no problem bringing up the subject in Who’s Been Sleeping in My Brother’s Bed. In addition to the mind-blowing sex, this is a funny and charming romance.

Hot Mess - Jamie Denton
Los Angeles, California - Present Day

Thanks to a scheduling mix-up, Alyssa Cardellini finds herself on her first bodyguard assignment. With no one else available, Alyssa—the office manager/go-to girl—will have to pick up whistle-blower Charles Ralston at the airport and watch over him until he can testify. The man who approaches her is not what she expects; who knew an accountant could be so sexy? The truth, however, is that FBI Agent Noah Temple lost Charles Ralston on the way to Los Angeles, and when he approaches the woman to find out if she knows what happened to him, Alyssa assumes that Noah is Charles. But, with two armed goons on their tail, Alyssa and Noah/Charles don’t have time to set the record straight, and while hidden away in a beach front hotel, there are definitely other things on their minds.

A case of mistaken identity is at the root of a Hot Mess, but Noah isn’t complaining. True, he wants to be honest with Alyssa, but is on orders to keep up the charade. The chemistry between Alyssa and Noah is off-the-charts, but how can it be more than sex when Noah is lying to her?

Acapulco Heat - Elisabeth Naughton
Acapulco, Mexico - Present Day

Finn Tierney figures this has to be the worst bodyguard assignment he’s ever received. He’s known Lauren Kauffman for years, but watching the supermodel during a sexy shoot is a lot different from talking to her at her brother’s gallery. Worse, she is just as attracted to him as he is to her, but since he refuses to get involved with the person he’s guarding, Lauren has taken great delight in tempting him over the past few days. He has no intention of crossing that line, but when they find themselves on the run from a drug cartel, all bets are off.

Finn learned the hard way to keep business separate from pleasure, and not even the Acapulco Heat will be able to sway that determination—or so he thinks. Lauren isn’t quite the spoiled princess type of woman that he’s used to guarding, but will he figure that out before he pushes her too far away?

A fun and sexy summer read, BODYGUARDS IN BED is sure to please.

Jennifer Bishop

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