Monday, June 20, 2011

A Perfect 10:

FROSTBOUND – Sharon Ashwood
The Dark Forgotten, Book 4
A Perfect 10
Signet Eclipse
ISBN: 978-0-451-23195-6
June 2011
Paranormal Romance

December in Fairview

Lore is a half-demon hellhound alpha and trying to keep the peace in Fairview while Carovelli, the vampire sheriff, is out of town. For the first time in Fairview, a vampire is on the ballot, is able to be elected as a municipal officer, and non-humans are allowed to vote. Will it bring a bunch of crazies to their town? Lore meets his friend, Perry Baker, a werewolf, and they go out for dinner together—a raw hamburger sounds pretty good! Lore feels a dark cloud hanging over his city. He runs around looking for the danger that he feels with every step. Hellhounds are unable to lie, and the alpha hound is known to have prophetic dreams.

Talia Rostova, a vampire, is shopping the after Christmas sales when she gets a call from her cousin Michelle who invites her to come spend the night. Talia gets there to find blood everywhere and her cousin beheaded. Because beheadings are used to kill vampires, Talia is sure the beheading was meant for her because Michelle was not a vampire and they look very similar.
Lore feels the danger drawing closer as he runs through the city. He sees the Fairview Medical Clinic is on fire, and because it is made of cement, knows the only way it can burn is with magic. He continues running and finds Talia with the beheaded body of her cousin Michelle. She claims her innocence, but he doesn’t know if he should believe her or not. There is a crude drawing on the wall in the condo, drawn in blood with “Vincire” written below it. What does it all mean? Although Talia fights for her life, he takes her to his condo and handcuffs her to the bed. Lore finds it somewhat amusing when she calls him a “bad dog”. Although he is attracted to her, hellhounds should not mate with any other creature but a hellhound. His pack is encouraging him to choose a mate.

Talia is grieving over the loss of her cousin, and blaming herself. Michelle was her only relative who would have anything to do with her once she was turned. Her family is from a tribe of hunters who killed monsters; her father trained her and her brother to be killers. Even though she is now one of the monsters, she is marked by the sign of the hunter, which could make it more dangerous for her.

Darak, a huge vampire, comes to town to watch the election. He is seeing the magic when he runs across a woman who claims to be Talia’s cousin. Before she disappears, she tells him to take care of Talia because
the murderer is coming after her next.

FROSTBOUND is an amazing story of a strange world with some very intriguing and unusual creatures. Who is it that is terrorizing the people who, for the most part, are trying to live in peace? The book is filled with action, romance, magic, and will even garner a smile or two. It is beautifully written with a marvelous cast of characters, too many to mention. They all are realistically depicted with excellent dialogue. How can you not like a bad dog that cannot lie? He was one of my favorite characters, but all the secondary players are equally fascinating as they try to survive or kill in this extraordinary world from the imagination
of Ms. Ashwood.

FROSTBOUND is well deserving of a Perfect 10.

Marilyn Heyman

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