Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Perfect 10:

SINFUL MAGIC - Jennifer Lyon
A Perfect 10
Wing Slayer Hunters - Book 4
Ballantine Books
ISBN: 978-0-3455-2008-1
June 2011
Paranormal Romance

Glassbreakers, California- Present Day

Roxy Banfield is a fertility witch. She longs for the day when her schema
will be gone, and she can become a normal person. Roxy's mother is a powerful,
but cruel fertility witch, and Roxy refuses to be like her. She avoids the men
who could be her "Awakening" at all costs. If she indulges in the man who is her
Awakening, Roxy's powers will be unleashed, and her hope for normalcy forever

Kieran DeMicca struggles with the darkness inside of him. Key's only release
is in his comic books about an ancient dragon Dyfyr. But when Key begins to draw
a young woman in danger, he chalks it up to no more than his imagination. That
is, until he meets Roxy at a comic book show. As a Wing Slayer Hunter, Key
assumes his fierce need to protect her is nothing more than duty, but he is soon
drawn into Roxy and her world.

To save each other and their world, Roxy must become the thing she swore she
never would be, to awaken the beast that can save them all. Key knows Dyfyr is
more than just a character, but when the beast within him begins to emerge, Key
must embrace the dragon.

SINFUL MAGIC is yet another sizzling and thrilling novel in Jennifer Lyon's
Wing Slayer Hunters series. Key and Roxy are characters to fall in love with.
The chemistry and spark works perfectly with just enough sexual tension to keep
readers on their toes. Lyon not only writes a heck of a love story but an action
packed thriller as well. The plot moves smoothly and quickly, sucking readers in
deeper page after page.

SINFUL MAGIC is the fourth novel in this scorching series, but can be read as
a stand alone. It is a must read for fans of paranormal romance. A different
take on supernatural creatures, Jennifer Lyon rewrites the rules of paranormal
and takes readers away from the constant vampire and shifter novel lining the
shelves. A Perfect 10 in every way, I loved SINFUL MAGIC and cannot wait
for the next book in the series.


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Destiny said...

This books sounds VERY Good! :) I would love to read it! :) Thank You for the giveaway! :D