Thursday, April 07, 2011

Spotlight Review:

DEADLY LIES – Cynthia Eden
Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-446-55925-6
March 2011
Romantic Suspense

Washington D.C. - Present Day

Samantha Kennedy is part of the FBI’s Serial Services Division. It is an elite team of agents who investigate, track, and apprehend serial killers, rapists, and arsonists. She is considered to be one of the top agents; her specialty is computers. On her last assignment, Sam was kidnapped by a serial killer, tortured and severely traumatized. Now her boss, Keith Hyde, has serious doubts about her returning to the field.

Local police have requested their assistance. Another body is recovered that is linked to a series of kidnappings of sons of wealthy men. Hyde calls Sam onto the scene. Is she ready? When he observes her fear, he sends her back to the office.

That evening Sam goes out—and she’s not looking for love, but sex. At a party, Sam sees a man named Max with whom she had a one night stand.

Max Ridgeway once hooked up with a beautiful woman. After a night of hot steamy sex, she left. He wants more, and there she is. Just as things start to get down and dirty, Sam gets called back to work. Max’s night goes more downhill when his stepbrother, Quinlan, asks him to convince his father, Frank, to release his trust fund. No such luck.

Next evening Sam and Max hook up. Sam tries to explain herself, but the passion gets in the way. A frantic call comes demanding ransom for Quinlan, who has been kidnapped. No police. A ransom is demanded, and if not paid, Quinlan will be cut to pieces. Max discovers Sam is an FBI agent, and not sure what to think, he realizes there is much more to Sam than he knew. Max can’t help but wonder how the kidnappers have so much information about everyone?

Sam is a complex person who is vulnerable, and Max is superb as the alpha male. Readers will embrace the strong chemistry that builds into their relationship. Both have trust issues; can they learn to trust each other? Secondary characters are not what they seem to be. Hyde may be tough as nails, but there is a soft side to him. Meanwhile, stepbrother Quinlan is a snake, but readers get a peek into his life. The twist and turns don’t stop until the last page.

DEADLY LIES is a high-speed, action-packed page-turner with a hot mix of sex and an unlikely romance that will delight readers. This is the third book of the Deadly series. Fasten your seat belts—this racy thriller delivers.

Deborah C Jackson

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