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Spotlight Review:

THE GUY NEXT DOOR – Lori Foster, Susan Donovan, Victoria Dahl
Harlequin Special Releases
ISBN: 978-0-373-77556-9
March 2011
Contemporary Romance Anthology

In this sizzling collection of engaging contemporary novellas, Lori Foster, Susan Donovan, and Victoria Dahl indulge your passion for romance and fun with three different sinfully seductive heroes.

Ready, Set, Jett – Lori Foster
Ohio and Tennessee – Present Day

School teacher Natalie Alexander is amazingly turned on by her sexy neighbor, Jett Sutter, and enjoys their unencumbered sex with no strings attached. But private eye Jett has done some digging to get some background on the close-mouthed Natalie who simply refuses to divulge any personal details about herself. The sex is over the top hot, and he’s more than satisfied, but he finds he needs and wants more than Natalie is willing to give. Confused about where this “non-relationship” may be heading, Natalie takes a solo trip to a lodge in Tennessee to sort things out in her head, but she’s in for a surprise when she realizes Jett won’t take no for an answer.

Lori Foster introduces a sexy new alpha who’s part of a group that can best be described as mercenaries and/or sexy security experts. This story introduces a few of the characters to come in her upcoming full length novel, WHEN YOU DARE, due to release in May 2011. I liked seeing a secure man like Jett wondering about his skills when he couldn’t get inside Natalie’s head, and despite his good looks, he really had to chase her down. His determination lands him all the way in another state, but will that be enough to change Natalie’s mind about commitment?

Gail’s Gone Wild – Susan Donovan
Key West, Florida – Present Day

Coming up with an alternative plan for Spring Break that will keep her teenage daughter and best friend happy, and allow her to realize a dream of a lifetime, English Professor Gail Chapman is thrilled for the opportunity to visit Key West. But the trip turns out to be not quite what she expects as her neighbor is George Clooney times 10! He’s so gorgeous that even her daughter is flabbergasted. After a bad experience, Jesse is a little gun shy about hooking up with beautiful women, as the last one nearly ruined his career and reputation. Still, something about Gail screams “normal” and he’s intrigued, and he manages to bring out the “wild side” of Gail.

In addition to being amazingly hot with an astounding body, Jess has a secret, and that’s one of the interesting parts of this story; even more tantalizing, is how Gail gets to let loose, getting caught up with Jesse’s sense of humor and releasing some of her inhibitions. Having her daughter Hannah in her corner pushing things along is fun to watch, and Susan Donovan does a good job of describing the interaction between mother and daughter while they’re on this exciting trip. But like all good things, the trip must end, so what happens when Gail goes back home to real life?

Just One Taste – Victoria Dahl
Boulder, Colorado – Present Day

Straight Arrow Eric Donovan is one of those men who follow every letter of the law and is incredibly responsible, so when he meets Beth Cantrell, the feisty employee of an erotic shop called the White Orchid, sparks fly! Finding Beth fun and open about life, Eric is roped in almost immediately. He’s amazed that she’s worked there for so long and seems so comfortable speaking about sexuality. Beth is truly fascinated by Eric’s deep blue eyes and kissable lips, making her want to know more.

Eric is one of three Donovan brothers, and Beth initially thinks he is someone else, and that starts the funny plot of the story. Ms. Dahl does a great job changing the pace by developing a hero who’s surprised and tempted by a woman who’s a little naughty, and despite all his best efforts, falls head over heels.

Successful and incredibly talented as individual authors, none of the three is capable of writing a bad novel, and they don’t disappoint this time either. As you’ll realize right away in each story, the theme is THE GUY NEXT DOOR, as each woman may have found the man of her dreams where she least expects. Entertaining and enjoyable, the only complaint I have is that these yummy stories were just too short! Readers may have their own personal favorites, but I felt a connection with all three couples and loved how each relationship blossomed believably, proving that it doesn’t take 500 pages to find true romance. Refreshing and unique, THE GUY NEXT DOOR will warm your heart.

Allegra Alston

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