Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Perfect 10:

VAMPIRE MINE - Kerrelyn Sparks
Love at Stake - Book 10
ISBN: 978-0-0619-5804-5
April 2011
Paranormal Romance

Mount Rushmore - South Dakota

Connor Buchanan has lived his five centuries in a miserable existence. He has not known love or forgiveness in half a millennium. Connor has never been good at obeying orders, so when he goes to Mount Rushmore to investigate a Malcontent murder and hears voices, he investigates without back up. There he sees a man and a woman discussing the deaths. When the woman is harmed, he fears them both the enemy, but he cannot bare leaving her to die.

Marielle lived a life of rebellion in heaven. After her third time to disobey, she’s cast from heaven. Luckily the handsome Connor is there to save and protect her. Marielle was a Deliverer, or Death Angel in heaven. All she ever wanted was to heal. Now she has the chance to heal the broken warrior and earn her way back to heaven.

Connor thinks all his friends have become romantic fools. He knows that he will never succumb to love again and saves himself the heartache. However, when Marielle arrives, the cold walls around his heart begin to crumble. Now mortal, Marielle wishes to return to the former life she lived as an angel. She does not understand life as a human. But when she begins to fall for Connor in a way angels never experience, she discovers she may not want to leave as badly as she thought.

A sexy thrill ride, VAMPIRE MINE is the tenth installment in the Love at Stake series. Marielle and Connor's story expands over a period of a week. By the end of the week, the couple is in love. Moving fast is the name of the game for many romance authors, so this is not a shock to fans of the genre. Marielle begins as an innocent angel, and by the end she is a determined human. Marielle grows as a character throughout the book. Connor has always been one of readers' favorite vampires. It is great to finally read his story. Connor is strong but cold. Only his late wife and daughter, and now Marielle, could bring down his walls.

Kerrelyn Sparks's writing has always been laugh out loud funny. Some of the humor is gone from this book, however. Sparks's "spark" is missing until the middle of the novel. From there it picks up at her normal, great pace. Fans of Lynsay Sands and Katie MacAlister will enjoy the Love at Stake series. Do not miss the eleventh in the series featuring the "sexiest vampire alive," Gregori! Coming September 27, 2011!


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Anonymous said...

I was very happy with Connor's book and was sad to learn about his past. He really deserved his HEA and I can't wait to find out what female will reel Gregori in. Nice review!