Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Perfect 10:

Lucky Harbor, Book 2
A Perfect 10
ISBN: 978-0-446-57162-3
April 2011
Contemporary Romance

Lucky Harbor, Washington – Present Day

With her saucy tongue and southern belle attitude, Tara isn’t exactly hiding the fact that she’s not happy to be back in Lucky Harbor. But here it is, six months later, and she’s still around working with her two sisters, Maddie and Chloe, to open a bed and breakfast. Of course, one reason Tara could be unhappy is the fact that her one time lover, Ford, still lives in Lucky Harbor. She tries to ignore him even though it’s hard to do. Their summer affair seventeen years ago was over quicker than the blink of an eye, but one thing neither can forget is what happened as a result of their summer alliance: a baby girl they gave up for adoption.

Ford is amused that she pretends to ignore him. He’s a world class sailor and can have any woman he wants. But he only wants one woman—Tara. He’s still attracted to her, has a feeling of “things aren’t over yet”, and he’s planning to bide his time wooing her back into his bed.

Just as Ford succeeds, Tara’s ex-husband arrives, and he is bent on winning her back, too, though she makes it clear she’s not interested. Tara tries to hide her desire for Ford, but the man is too damn irresistible, and he even makes her do things she doesn’t normally do. No, not that. She’s a five star cook, and Ford’s presence has her suddenly burning the food. Of course, add in her ever persistent ex convinced she’ll take him back and Ford’s cocky attitude and she’s feeling like her head’s spinning. Then the second, and biggest, surprise neither Tara nor Ford expects shows up in town…

Once again Jill Shalvis provides readers with a sexy, funny, hot tale. Tara tries to maintain a stiff upper lip as the folks in Lucky Harbor keep tabs on the dance of romance between Ford and Tara. She doesn’t want to admit she finds him attractive. To do so would mean giving in to his seductive powers. Tara seemingly has to work hard to keep her head above water, what with her and her sisters struggling to get the bed and breakfast open and dodging the two men in her life. Ford, on the other hand, appears laid back and carefree, tending bar when he isn’t off on sailing competitions. But it’s a small town, and Tara and Ford are bound to run into each other. When her ex, Logan, announces that he wants her back, the town gets in on the action by doing some crazy stuff, like voting on a Facebook fan poll of who should win Tara’s hand. Tara is mystified by it all, since she wants neither of them. She’s too busy for a relationship with any man, let alone two. But deep down, she’s afraid to admit the real reason she doesn’t want to get involved with Ford is the past. Being around him brings up the memories of that one, fateful summer…

Lucky Harbor is full of many people who are an integral part of THE SWEETEST THING. There are Tara’s sisters, Maddie (her story is in SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE, out now) and Chloe (hers is coming later this year in HEAD OVER HEELS). While none of the sisters were close at the beginning of the Lucky Harbor series, by now they’re learning to connect and to be supportive of each other. Also part of the sisters’ lives is Jax; he’s Maddie’s almost fiancé and Ford’s friend. Sawyer is the local lawman; Chloe is a thorn in his side, and he’s also best friends with Jax and Ford. Then there is Lucille. She a crotchety old lady, but deep down she’s as nosey as they come and the rumored Facebook page owner. She might be hard of hearing, but she knows everything that goes on with Tara and Ford (and Logan).

Which man will Tara decide owns her heart? Reading THE SWEETEST THING will make it clear who should win Tara, while the food mentioned will certainly leave you hungry. (As a side note, if you have an e-reader and like to cook, then check out the recipe book available for purchase as a companion for THE SWEETEST THING.) The ending is as sweet as it’s funny. Tara and Ford have some seriously hot chemistry going on and they make the most of it in THE SWEETEST THING. Trust me; you’ll need an ice-cold drink nearby. Will they manage to deal with the past (and the result) and find their way to a future together? Find out for yourself by picking up a copy of this delightful tale that deserves a Perfect 10 from Romance Reviews Today.

Patti Fischer


Jennie said...

I've been looking for new (to me) contemporary authors to read. This book sounds like the type of book that I would love. I am definitely checking it out! :)

Patti said...

You have never read Jill Shalvis????

Wow, get yourself her books and I bet you will be glomming her books.