Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Perfect 10:

NIGHT MAGIC - Jennifer Lyon
Wing Slayers, Book 3
A Perfect 10
Ballantine Books
ISBN: 978-0-34552-006-7
April 2011
Paranormal Romance

Glassbreakers, California - Present Day

Ailish Donovan lost her sight eight years ago through the backlash of witch karma. When she used her powerful voice power to save her friend, Haley, from her demon witch mother's hands, glass shattered hitting her mother in the eyes. In return, Ailish paid the price, times three. Ailish's mother tricked her into handfasting with the demon to gain dark power. On the run ever since, Ailish has been shunned by everyone she cares for, or could care about, because of her handfasting. Now, a mere two weeks from the completion of the bond, Ailish must die or become a demon witch. She is determined not to give in, but to die...and take her mother with her.

Phoenix is a Wing Slayer Hunter. Suffering from intense guilt over his mother's death, Phoenix gets close to no woman, but is the one time hero for helpless women who need him. For days he has heard a song in his head. Following the voice, Phoenix meets Ailish, his soul mirror. Phoenix wants to be tied down to no one, especially a blind witch he must "babysit" and who could cause him to go rogue in a second. Trusting is not in his nature.

Soon, however, Phoenix and Ailish become closer and trust each other more than they ever thought possible. The legend of the phoenix and the siren has finally come to pass. Can Ailish defeat the demon and remove the handfast before she dies? Will Ailish be another woman Phoenix loved and lost? Together Phoenix and Ailish embark on not only a physically dangerous journey, but an emotionally dangerous one as well.

NIGHT MAGIC is an alluring and captivating read. Readers will read for hours not wanting to put the book down even for that much-needed sleep. Ailish resents those who think that she is not capable because she lost her sight. Phoenix feels intense guilt for not saving his mother. He always felt as though he had to babysit her and never got his own life.

Ailish and Phoenix are combustible together. Their passion is tense, making it all the more suspenseful for readers. Jennifer Lyon truly knows how to weave a tale, not just of romance and action, but genuine emotion. NIGHT MAGIC holds more than steamy scenes and bikes flying off cliffs (although there is plenty of each, I assure you). It shares a tale of two people working through their fears to come together. Many authors fail to add a moral or deeper meaning to their stories, focusing solely on the sex and action.

NIGHT MAGIC is unique and electrifying; a Perfect 10 in every way. When is the last time you read about bird tattoos, karma witches, soul mirrors, ancestors, phoenix wings, and blind kick boxers? Those are just tastes of what is to come in the third novel Jennifer Lyon crafted. Reading the first two books, Blood Magic (February 2009) and Soul Magic (October 2009) is not necessary. Night Magic can stand alone. For the full experience, however, I highly recommend reading the first two in the series to start as many characters and small story arcs carry over from previous novels.


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Caffey said...

Awesome! I remember the first book and so good!! I just got the RT magazine and she has the next book out in June, so we getting a huge treat with another book in this series so soon! They worth to get the back list of the other two books!

Great review. I can't wait to get this one!