Guest Blogger: JILL SHURE

Readers often ask where I get my ideas. And I've tried to figure this out myself. I suppose ideas just arrive in my mind in the same way the average person decides what to wear each morning. This skirt with that sweater just seems like a good idea. Something to try on and see if it fits, if it works well.

I also have life experience to draw from. Meaning all those jobs I had early on which were so awful that they've turned into humorous stories. This is most evident in A Clause for Murder where my main character Betsy Ross sells insurance. Yes, I too sold insurance. Life, health, disability, homeowners, and car insurance. And though I learned the business, I never loved the work. Because I knew I wanted to write. I also worked in retail stores, as a teacher, in the New York textile industry, and a number of other places such as the US House of Representatives in Washington for a congressman.

Eventually, everything ends up in my fiction books in some form or another. So I had Betsy Ross sell insurance. Why? Because in a dark way, the industry can be very funny. Just as doctor shows like Scrubs can be funny. Because on the surface, a subject may seem dry, but taken to an exaggerated place, the idea becomes dark, humorous. So it works.

Besides, giving Betsy Ross a sales job in an industry which is very real, gives her a solid background. And since this book is the first in a series, I needed her to have a career under her feet, with a lot of personal time on her hands, so she can solve murders in between selling policies to a bizarre assortment of people.

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