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Spotlight Review: SEX ON THE BEACH by Susan Lyons

SEX ON THE BEACH – Susan Lyons
Berkley Heat
ISBN: 978-0-425-23216-3
January 2010
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Ambergris Caye, Belize – Present Day

A wedding at a tropical resort provides for three tales of some red-hot coupling. Get ready for a taste of SEX ON THE BEACH that will rock your senses.

War of the Sexes

As the wedding planner, Sarah McCann, wants a perfect, beautiful wedding to go off without a hitch. Everything seems in order until the groom’s best friend, Free Lafontaine arrives with the proclamation that he’s on a mission to make the groom, Danny, see that he’s making a mistake. Of course, this is at odds with Sarah’s plans, although it doesn’t stop an instant sexual attraction between Sarah and Free to form. They may be butting heads over the wedding, but they’re in sync in the bedroom.
The title might be War of the Sexes, but it’s a battle to prove the happy bride and groom belong together for Sarah, while Free wants to show he’s right. Sarah is a by the book planner, seemingly at odds with a man as free as they come, Free. But sexual attraction knows no boundaries and these two know how to scorch the sheets—and any other place they can find…
Free does come off as a jerk at times, but at the skillful pen of Susan Lyons, he’s turned into a likeable guy by the end of War of the Sexes. You’ll be rooting for Sarah and Free to make their relationship work past the end of the wedding.

Sex with the Proper Stranger

The moment resort owner Ric Nunez spots wedding guest, New York model Tamiko Sato, in the lobby, he's captivated by her. However, Tamiko is with another man and off limits. This doesn’t stop Ric from wanting her and soon their paths cross when she nearly drowns and he rescues her. To his surprise, the sexual feelings are mutual…and he learns that she is only pretending to be lovers with the other man, Zane. They agree to enter into an affair that will end when she leaves Belize. But, will it be enough?
Both Tamiko and Ric have commitments which prevent them from having any future with each other. Tamiko supports her family with her modeling, while Ric is responsible for his motherless little girl. As their relationship builds between them in Sex with the Proper Stranger, so does trust. Tamiko’s secrets will bring a tear or two to a reader’s eyes, and Ric is the perfect man for her. She just has to make the fateful decision to take the plunge for a happily ever after.

Scorching sensuality rocks Sex with the Proper Stranger, another excellent tale in SEX ON THE BEACH.

Sexy Exes

Here come the mother and father of the bride, also known as the battling exes. James and Giovanna Moncrieff fell in love and married young, but just as fast they divorced after fights over propriety and responsibility. Now they are united for their only daughter’s wedding while Sarah, the wedding planner, works to keep them apart. Alas, they do run into each other, and it doesn’t take long for the sparks to fly…the sexual kind. But…but…they are divorced and don’t even care for each other, right? However, neither can ignore the attraction which zings between them and the sex is even hotter than when they were married.

Sexy Exes prove that love can be found the second time around. James and Giovanna have preconceived notions about each other and imagine their surprise to learn they were wrong! Though it takes a bit of a makeover and advice for James to peel away his staid image, he also learns that there’s more to Giovanna than what he thinks. The sexual tension runs sizzling hot in Sexy Exes, even as they try to act normal and be there for their daughter. Will they rediscover the magic of love once again? Find out in Sexy Exes.

Intermixed with these three scorching tales is the reason they’re all there in Belize: the wedding of Danny and Bella. Things aren’t as smooth as they appear. As each story is told simultaneously, there are several scenes that are repeated, but from different perspectives. This makes for an intriguing read in SEX ON THE BEACH.

Sex, sun and sand make a fun combination in a terrific tale I highly recommend. Forget the winter blues and grab yourself a copy of SEX ON THE BEACH.

Holly Tibbs


Kim said...

Beach weddings are undeniably special.
The event leave everyone in awe. Mine was themed Weddings Koh Samui
and until now it still brings meaningful happy tears tears...
Advance happy hearts day!

Anonymous said...

I haven't read this one yet, but I am an uber Lyons fan and can't wait. Geez, what a body on that cover...I am jealous!


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Great review!