Monday, February 15, 2010

Spotlight Review: SEDUCTION AND THE CEO by Barbara Dunlop

Montana Millionaires, Book 1
Silhouette Desire #1996
ISBN: 978-0-373-73009-4
February 2010
Series Romance

Montana – Present Day

Landing an interview with hotshot millionaire Jared Ryder would be a coup for any reporter, but the man proves to be elusive. He’s now in Montana, and reporter Melissa Warner is determined to get an interview as a ticket to a promotion at the Windy City Bizz. She figures that since he doesn’t like journalists, the only way to get close to him is to go undercover. Landing a job at the family ranch in Montana proves easy, and garnering Jared’s attention is even easier. Now, she just needs to get close enough to him to pry out the answers to a few questions she has. Then she can write up her story and head back to Chicago. But a sizzling attraction between her and Jared just might throw a wrench into her plans.

Jared’s worked hard at bringing success to his life and his family. He knows better than to trust outsiders, but the beautiful woman mucking out the horse stalls certainly has his attention. It doesn’t help that his sister, Stephanie, is bent on matchmaking, nor that Melissa proves to be both smart and mysterious. Jared fights the attraction, because to do so would mean he might reveal something about himself to someone other than his family—especially family secrets he doesn’t want revealed. And if he learns that Melissa is a reporter for a tabloid…

An intricate plan to gain access to a millionaire and the red-hot chemistry between the hunted and the hunter is the engaging plot of Barbara Dunlop’s SEDUCTION AND THE CEO. Melissa only wants to get ahead at the Bizz, in an occupation that means success is measured by who gets the juicy scoop first. Melissa concocts a story for why she’s in Montana, lands the job at the ranch, and it doesn’t take long for her to attract Jared’s attention. One look at her and he knows she’s trouble for his libido. Jared tries to resist, but with his little sister “helping” things along and Melissa trying to get close to him to learn more about him for her article, well, it won’t be long before heated looks turn to even hotter kisses...and more. Readers know it’s only a matter of time before Jared learns who Melissa really is and what she’s after. Will this put the damper on their attraction?

Ms. Dunlop successfully builds the scorching sexual tension between Jared and Melissa throughout SEDUCTION AND THE CEO. By the time they hit the sheets, readers will be rooting for them to make a future together. But will Melissa’s deception end up destroying their relationship? Can she make it up to him?

The first book in the Montana Millionaires series, we can expect more exciting stories in the next few months featuring Jared’s sister, Stephanie, and brother, Royce.

Love, deception, and a sexy Montana millionaire. A lethal combination you won’t want to miss. Make SEDUCTION AND THE CEO a part of your next book-shopping trip.

Patti Fischer

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Hi Kaki, I've stayed in a Best Western a few times too. But that's sadly my only experience of the west, lol.
It's probably why I love reading western so much, so I can visit all those places, right from my armchair. Thanks for he heads-up on book #2 and #3... you definitely succeded to whet my appetite.
Congrats on your release !